Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

We’ve been getting hyped up about the Lancôme Absolutely Rôse spring 2017 makeup collection ever since we caught wind of it with sneak previews at the beginning of November. It is scheduled to officially launch in the U.S. at Lancôme counters and online at Lancôme’s official website, Sephora, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue in January.

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Regardless, there’s no better way to kick off a new year than by snagging up the hottest makeup collection of the year (so far). The most important part now is to make sure not to get too caught up in the beautiful spring makeup products in the Lancôme Absolutely Rôse line. We still have the winter and holiday makeup collections to try out first!

That being said, there’s no harm in taking a peek. So here is what you can expect for the new Lancôme spring 2017 makeup collection; it’s all centered around the rose, which has been an iconic symbol connected with the makeup brand since 1935.

Lancôme La Rose à Poudre Parisian Kabuki (Limited Edition)

This is a sparkling, illuminating powder – coming from Lancôme, you already know it’s going to be the perfect powder you need. Besides that, though, it’s the packaging that’s the real selling point here. It comes with a beautiful rose gold kabuki brush, and the powder comes directly out of rose petals, which is easily picked up by the brush. It’s fun and practical, which is everything you could dream of coming from the beauty industry!

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Lancôme La Palette La Rose (Limited Edition)

This is a great everyday palette that contains six varying shades of eyeshadow, two lipsticks in rosy shades, and a creamy highlighter. The palette naturally contains a dual brush for application and a mirror as well. The eyeshadow shades are beautiful in this palette, because they give you such a nice range, such as its minty blue and charcoal options, with many more to mix and play around with.

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Lancôme Le Crayon Miracle

Eye pencils are an essential addition to any woman’s makeup collection, and this one from the Lancôme collection will revitalize your makeup look and your outlook on the day. In the way it was made, you are meant to apply the product directly to your waterline (the formula is actually made up of concentrated vegetal origin butter, which ensures gentleness). It’s natural and will keep your skin healthy and glowing radiantly.

• Perlmutt – mother of pearl

Lancôme Cushion Blush Subtil

With cushion compacts having a moment now, the collection also brings in three shades of soft pink highlighters to brighten up your spring looks instantly!

• 00 Highlighter – highlighter
• 02 Rose Lemonade – soft lilac-pink
• 024 Sparkling Famboise – bright shimmery pink

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Lancôme Ombre Hypnose Stylo

Coming in four bright shades ideal for summer, these long-wearing eyeshadows are also super easy to apply, letting you create a myriad of stunning party and daytime looks.

• 20 Rose Lumiere – sparkling pink
• 21 Girs Ruban – ashy
• 22 Or Rose – sparkling pink and gold
• 23 Rose Pastel – soft lilac-pink

Lancôme Grandiose Liner (Limited Edition)

Add some sparkle and magic to your eyes playing with these unconventional colors of Lancome’s Grandiose eyeliner, which are limited edition and are sure to fly off the beauty counters instantly!

• 04 Magenta – magenta
• 09 Boise de Rose – woody pink

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Lancôme Grandiose Mascara (Limited Edition)

10 Bois de Rose is a new limited edition color of mascara signed Lancome, which is a brightening woody pink shade that will add a touch of softness and femininity to your peepers!

Lancôme Parisian Lips Le Stylo

This lip pen features dual sides so you can have two different finishing shades in one convenient applicator. There’s not much that needs to be said about this product, since just by looking at it you can imagine how lovely either of the rosy shades will look on!

• 01 Bonjour Bonheur – red-pink
• 02 Rose Mon Amour – lilac-pink
• 03 Je M’Appelle Rose – pale lilac
• 04 Rendez-Vous a Paris – peach-coral

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Lancôme Juicy Shaker (Limited Edition)

This is one of Lancôme’s most popular products, so it would have been shocking had the brand not released some hot new rosy shades for us to fall in love with in their new collection. They’re so nice to have and carry around because they’re so versatile; you can add them to your lips or your face for a bit of extra hydration and color.

For the Lancôme Absolutely Rôse spring 2017 makeup collection, three new shades were announced, and hopefully they look as amazing in person as they do in the photos!

• 010 Snow-Tilly – shimmering snow-white
• 303 Cloudy Candy – sparkling pink and lilac
• 343 Top Gum – peachy pink

Lancome Absolutely Rôse Spring 2017 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Lancôme

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