MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

All eyes on you, all eyes on you… and your eyes on MAC Cosmetics. The giant cosmetic brand continues releasing product after product, and the year has just started. This time we are treated to the new MAC Eyes On MAC summer 2016 collection, composed of a range of eyeshadow palettes that touch not only the nude base, but also some of the top makeup color trends of 2016.

MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

While the palettes are diverse in colors and textures, the shades in a single palette are designed to match perfectly. Literally, you will always end up looking great no matter what colors you match from your set… no more researching color combinations, MAC just served everything on a plate for you.

Each palette contains from 9 to 10 shades. You can pick the texture – matte, satin, glittery, and so on. We have a feeling that your eye makeup will look fantastic even if your application was pretty messy. Judging from the ad poster that might turn out to be trendy! Here’s more on each palette.

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Purple Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

A very popular palette of violets, lavenders, and plums, 9 Purple Times Nine offers light shadows for a monochrome look, as well as a couple of smoky eye shades for your evening adventures. The set comes with a few textures cramped in one – matte, glitter or satin finishes depending on your mood.

• Sweet Lust – pink champagne (lustre)
• Poignant – soft lavender (satin)
• Manchester – lavender taupe (frost)
• After Dusk – muted wine red (pearl)
• Beauty Marked – pearlescent black with red undertones (velvet)
• Satellite Dreams – plum purple (pearl)
• Shadow Lady – blackened plum (matte)
• Lightly Sugared – gentle violet (frost)
• Bon Nuit – dark plum (matte)

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Navy Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

This is another re-release of popular dark colors, which are perfect for that mysterious smoky look you love. Khakis, grays with blue undertones, coal shades and other cool tones are joined by glittery black.

• Silver Fog – silver gray (lustre)
• Blonde Mink – pale khaki (lustre)
• Cloudscape – khaki (velvet)
• JG Grey – frosty gray-blue (frost)
• Club – red-brown with a green tint (satin)
• Mulled Over – cold blue-gray (matte)
• Cast Iron – carbon (matte)
• Copperplate – muted gray (matte)
• Black Tied – black with silver glitter (velvet)

MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Dusky Rose Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

This palette features a very feminine and gentle combination of colors that includes rose, taupe and other shades of pink that never goes out of fashion. What’s best about this set and a couple others on this list is that you can choose the best shade that matches your skin tone, which is often an issue with light colors.

• Cool Complement – cool brown (matte)
• Frankly Frosty – light gray taupe (matte)
• Macnificent Me! – pink ice (frost)
• Fabulous DNA – shimmering light pink (frost)
• In My Element – silver pearl (lustre)
• Pleasing To The Eye – pink (matte)
• Sable – golden plum bronze pearl (velvet)
• Quiet Type – shimmering bronze (frost)
• Dance In The Dark – cold dark brown (velvet)

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Amber Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

This palette focuses on a sun kissed and desert set of browns and beige, topped with a golden glittery honey shade at the end. Pick this one with caution, as these colors don’t go with every skin tone.

• Georgia Peach – dusty pink (matte)
• Cozy Grey – cold gray (matte)
• Creative Copper – light beige (lustre)
• Cork – muted golden brown (satin)
• Ricepaper – golden peach (frost)
• Kitties – pale bronze (frost)
• Aromatic – matte brown (matte)
• Do Not Tell – sparkling brown (lustre)
• Pepper Please – copper brown (velvet)

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Pastel Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

Yay! Pastel is still hot this summer! The set covers all pastel favorites, including the pink, violet, blue and green.

• New Nude – whitish-pink (satin)
• Fresh Innocence – ivory (frost)
• Spice Bar – gray taupe (satin)
• Flounce – pastel pink (matte)
• Free Roaming – dusty lilac (pearl)
• Restless Rose – mauve (satin)
• Spring Moon – light blue (frost)
• Greystroke – pale greenish-silver (satin)
• Sweet Green – muted green (satin)

MAC Eye Shadow x 9 Burgundy Times Nine ($32,00/ €42,00)

This is another intriguing eyeshadow set of dark browns, copper and burgundy. Not for lightwear-fans, this set is for those who want to add some drama to their summer makeup.

• #Noir – black-brown with golden sheen (velvet)
• Honey Lust – bronze peach (lustre)
• Quarry – muted plum with brown undertones (matte)
• Antiqued – cold brownish-bronze (pearl)
• Star Violet – pinkish-brown with plum undertones (pearl)
• Haux – muted pinkish-brown (satin)
• Embark – intense red-brown (matte)
• Sketch – burgundy with red shimmer (velvet)
• Poppyseed – nude purple (satin)

MAC Eye Shadow x 15 Mellow Moderns ($65,00/ €120,00)

Paying twice as more, you will get a set with more shades to mix-match. Although the mellow set includes yellowish browns, grays and pinks, it is the most diverse one on the list.
• Beaded – light golden beige (frost)
• Goldmine – rich shimmering gold (frost)
• Chains of Love – bronze (frost)
• Cork – muted golden brown (satin)
• Carbon – solid black (matte)
• ORB – soft peachy beige (satin)
• Plummed – shimmering dark plum (pearl)
• Luscious – neutral bronze (frost)
• Soft Brown – golden peach-beige (matte)
• Trax – shimmering burgundy-plum (velvet)
• Retrospeck – ash (lustre)
• Persuade – cool gray-brown (matte)
• Greensmoke – muted olive (lustre)
• Felt – cold green protective (satin)
• Print – muted shimmering gray (satin)

MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Eye Shadow x 15 Warm Neutral ($65,00/ €120,00)

Finally, you don’t have to add vibrant colors to your eyes (they shine beautifully on their own), as you can simply go neutral. Depending on your skin tone, MAC concludes the list with two 15-shade sets. The colors of the Warm Neutral all have a peachy base, which go great with warmer skin tones.

• Hey – metallic coral (pearl)
• Warm Breeze – pastel coral (satin)
• Gingersnap – deep pink (frost)
• Dark Brew – rich chocolate with a touch of pink (velvet)
• Dance In The Dark – dark brown (matte)
• Brule – creamy beige (satin)
• Vanilla Extract – gentle yellowish-beige (frost)
• Honey Lust – peach-bronze (lustre)
• Amber Lights – shimmering peach-brown (frost)
• Saddle – golden orange-brown (matte)
• Lemon Tart – metallic golden (pearl)
• Butterfudge – dirty mocha with gold shimmer (satin)
• Creative Copper – gold (lustre)
• Unwind – dusty olive (pearl)
• Divine Decadence – soft bronze (velvet)

MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Eye Shadow x 15 Cool Neutral ($65,00/ €120,00)

If you are the icy cold type of queen, here’s the neutral eyeshadow set for cool skin tones. Pinks and grays on a violet base… this set gives us chills by just looking at it!

• Flounce – white-pink (matte)
• Sweet Allure – light pink (satin)
• Sun Tweaked – soft coral (frost)
• Blackberry – muted brown (matte)
• After Dusk – shimmering pink (pearl)
• Pick Me Up – pale ivory (matte)
• Deception – golden chocolate (frost)
• Crushed Clove – dirty golden olive (frost)
• Cozy Grey – cold gray (matte)
• Brun – dim blackish-brown (satin)
• Silver Fog – pearl-silver (lustre)
• French Clay – whitish-gray (frost)
• Cumulus – charcoal gray (frost)
• Pearled Earth – intense blue-gray (pearl)
• Black Tied – black with silver glitter (velvet)

MAC Eyes On MAC Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

Excited? Here’s the final bit of info you need to know. The eyeshadow sets will be available for sale starting from May 2016, just in time for summer.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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