MAC’s & Laura Mercier’s Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale Specials

With the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale looming just under a month away, coming in at the end of July 2016, it’s so exciting to hear about all of the different deals our favorite brands are cooking up specially for the event. Right now, we’re excited about the exclusive makeup products being offered from Laura Mercier and MAC Cosmetics, because they are simple, essential products for a makeup collection, from a significant and trustworthy industry name, and all for an irresistible sale price. This is one annual sale that just helps make summer better with each passing moment.

Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Makeup Specials

Laura Mercier has created and produced four exclusive products for Nordstrom’s big sale, all with a rather muted, underwhelming tone about them. But that’s not really a bad thing! Available at Nordstrom in July, the Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 exclusives are great basic makeup products, in earthy shades and useful forms, perfect for summer and for your favorite bohemian ensembles.

Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

Laura Mercier Flawless Icons Eye & Cheek Palette ($65.00) (Limited Edition)

In a lovely, convenient compact case, Laura has created a grouping of essential eye and cheek shades that no one should be without. In this are light shades, with some shades of brown and grey, and a dusty violet ready to finish off your look. Here are the palette’s eye colors:

• Vie En Rose
• Cashmere
• Minx
• African Violet
• Stellar Boudoir
• Guave
• Espresso Bean

And the shades of the matte radiance baked powder are:

• Highlight-01
• Bronze-02

Laura Mercier Wink of an Eye Artist Collection ($83.00) (Limited Edition)

There’s nothing better than buying things in a set. We all love being able to find a one-stop item that encompasses all of our needs for one process, because let’s face it; sometimes it’s really hard to match products we want.

This collection of eye products is that golden ticket item, that will start us by hydrating the skin, and end with a full and voluminous eyelash, with some subtly beautiful colors to be added in between.

• Repair Eye Serum
• Eye Basics (wheat)
• Caviar Stick Eye Colour (rosegold)
• Full Blown Volume Suprême Mascara

Laura Mercier Twist & Pout Collection ($25.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

Finally, Laura would never forget to include a lip product in a special collection like this! Her final two products from her four-piece stint come in this mini pack of one creamy lip parfait and one complementary lip pencil. So pucker up and get ready to finish off your makeup look in style with one (or both!) of these collections.


• Raspberry Ripple Lip Parfait
• Naked Lip Pencil


• Cinn-ful Lip Parfait
• Hazelnut Tea Lip Pencil

MAC Cosmetics Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Makeup Specials

The MAC Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 exclusives are a bit more colorful. We are still given the versatility of products, for all areas of the face, but this brand decided to go for a more upbeat tempo, giving more special occasion and exciting makeup color options than Mercier.

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

When you give an exclusive collection like this, especially for such an exciting event, this is something highly expected of MAC, and we’re so glad to see the results. The exclusive MAC makeup sets will be available for purchase at Nordstrom starting with July 22, 2016.

MAC Look in a Box ($39.50) (Limited Edition)

MAC’s kits here are all encompassing, with makeup for the whole face. Each style, as listed below, will give you a different color scheme, so there’s a difficult choice ahead of you, because there are so many fabulous colors and products available here.

• Fun + Flirty

o The Wrong Man Eyeshadow
o Only For You Lipglass
o Cherry Blossom Girl Lipstick
o In Extreme Dimension Mascara

• Girl Band Glam

o Beyond Gorgeous Eyeshadow
o Dark Twist Lipstick
o Heroine Lip Pencil
o In Extra Dimension Mascara

• Sassy Siren

o Divine Decadence Eyeshadow
o Are You Flirting With Me Lipstick
o Graphblack Technakohl Liner
o Haute & Naughty Mascara

• Sunblessed

o Deception Eyeshadow
o Blacktrack Fluidline
o Sunblessed Lipstick
o False Lashes Mascara

• Downtown Diva

o Chai Me Up Eyeshadow
o Blacktrack Fluidline
o Hot Pepper Lipstick
o Upward Lash Mascara

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

MAC Look in a Box Brush Kit ($52.50) (Limited Edition)

Along the lines of the box kit above, every makeup artist (amateur or professional) needs a stellar set of brushes. And with the prices and prestige of a Nordstrom sale right in front of us, this is something you shouldn’t pass up.

This set will have a “Basic” and “Advanced” version that have yet to be announced, but rest assured they’ll be more than enough for your styling needs, especially if you snag a Look in a Box.

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

MAC C’est Chic Eyeshadow Palette ($65.00) (Limited Edition)

A good set of eyeshadow shades can elevate your style and help give yourself a fresh look each new day. Sometimes all you really need is a change of hue, and your day can turn right around; the 15 matte shades on this palette were designed to do just that, so you can mix colors, or just switch things up altogether in the blink of an eye.

• You’re bluffing – soft peach
• Soft Brown – soft golden peach-brown
• Demitasse – mid-tone brown
• Corduroy – muted red-brown
• Dash of Mocha – dark beige brown
• Pale, Please – washed out pink
• Oo La Cafe – mid-tone neutral
• Choc-ful – dirty mid-tone pink
• All’s Rosy – deep pink rose
• Embark – intense red-brown
• Drawing a Blanc – creamy beige
• Fogged In – dirty grey
• Pinch of Sage – warm grey
• Dance in the Dark – dark brown
• Raven-Eyed – deep dark navy

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

MAC Laura Mercier Nordstrom Anniversary 2016 Sale

Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

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