MAC Metallic Lips Collection Unveils Pearl-Infused MAC Metallic Lipsticks

The new MAC Metallic Lips collection is the perfect excuse to go for a bold, unexpected lip shade. The new line will become available at, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s on March 23, and will stick around through May 4; there will be 18 sparkle- and pearl-infused metallic lip shades to choose from.

MAC Metallic Lips 2017 Collection: MAC Metallic Lipsticks

“We’re having a molten moment!” MAC said to kick of its product announcement. “Cast your lips in new MAC Metallic Lips, lipstick for a trailblazing matte, metal-plated look. … Vibrant, intense, explosive: A little alchemy goes a long way.”

The idea of a “molten moment” is a seductively pouty one. Chrome matte lip shades can bring a sultry quality to your overall look in a way that glossy metallics can’t. The problem is, they’re not easy to find in stores. But the cosmetics company is making things easier on that front, with 18 shades of the MAC metallic lipsticks featuring the formula to try out.

MAC’s press release also said that the new MAC Metallic Lips line encompasses “a full spectrum of copper, bronze and titanium colour-infused shades.”

The chrome infused MAC metallic lipsticks are seen in a variety of shades, from a range of nudes to vibrant shades of purple, pink, blue and green. The MAC design team opted for unexpected shades to go with the unexpected combo of chrome and matte. The result is a futuristic look that can pull in a whole new kind of edge to your outfit. It bumps up what you’d expect to find in a nude lipstick, while also making wild shades like emerald green totally wearable.

MAC Metallic Lips 2017 Collection: MAC Metallic Lipsticks

Priced at $17.00 each, the new MAC metallic lipsticks come in the following shades:

• Act So Cool – deepened brown with gold metal pearl
• Anything Once – blackened blue with multicolored pearl
• Cold Front – frosted periwinkle blue
• Devotional – metallic purplish brown
• Digging For Gold – light brown with gold glitter
• Disobedient – deep burgundy red wine
• Foiled Rose – brightened blueish pink
• Hades Fire – cool red burgundy
• In Lust – light warm neutral
• Jupiter – bronzed neutral
• Metal Head – blackened purple with multicolored pearl
• Modern Midas – muted gold with pink and green duo pearl
• Nightly Ritual – blackened navy
• Pale Rosé – cool, muted neutral pink
• Pearly One – confetti white frost
• Royal Hour – deep royal purple with blue pearl
• Silver Spoon – multidimensional silver
• Zerocool – metallized emerald green

The more neutral-colored MAC metallic lipsticks are a great entry point for those who aren’t sure they’re ready to rock the wilder shades; they’re also a stunning option when you’re wanting your nude lipstick to have a bit more kick. The green and blue shades, or any of the other bold options, are statement lipsticks to the max. They’ll have heads turning in the best way possible.

MAC Metallic Lips 2017 Collection: MAC Metallic Lipsticks

Making chrome lips that don’t look tacky is easily one of MAC’s most successful formula decisions yet. There’s always a need for exciting new lip choices, and metal is already a well-loved fashion and beauty choice in many regards. It’s already a bold finish, and mixing in matte here adds depth that keeps that shades luscious and full-bodied.

Cher Webb, one of MAC’s senior makeup artists, posted a tutorial video on Instagram showing that the MAC metallic lipsticks can also be used as a highlighter. The line’s Modern Midas shade was blended on her cheekbones to create a dewy effect. With this realization, you’re getting twice as much use out of the product.

There might be some room in your makeup budget to try out quite a few of the colors. But no matter how many you buy, it’s great to know that you can try out something so new and unexpected for the same price as MAC’s original lipstick options.

So pop in to any MAC Cosmetics location around the world, or visit their website, (March 23 – May 4) to check out the new product!

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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