MAC to Launch New Glitter Pigments

MAC Cosmetics is a makeup brand that never ceases to amaze with their collaborations and new launches. The last few years have been huge for the cosmetics giant and it seems that 2018 is going to be big too. Just in time for spring, MAC is expanding their range of glitter pigments. The brand’s glitter collection so far involves 26 shades, and they will add additional 13 exciting hues. Amazing news for all the makeup addicts who can’t get enough of glitter.

MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments white
Photo Credit: @mixedgemsbeauty/Instagram

At first, it was only a rumor, but MAC finally confirmed the great news. The brand still hasn’t released any specifics, but there is one shade that is already in use by celebrity makeup artists. We’re talking about the Iridescent White pigment that has a unique 3D effect. Its holographic nature gives the glitter the ability to shine in different shades. In one type of light, it will appear as a gorgeous golden hue, in others might look like a lavender tone or even silver. These mesmerizing unicorn-inspired sparkling particles are already the top trending topic in the beauty world.

MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments white yellow gray pink
Photo Credit: MAC

Glittery makeup looks are trending at the moment on every single runway show. Starting with Pat McGrath’s mesmerizing holographic sparkling lips for the Maison Margiela show, to the numerous other ways you can add shine to your face, lids, lips, and cheeks, it seems that 2018 will be all about glitter.

The mysterious MAC product already made its debut on the runway. It was first spotted during London Fashion Week, at the London College of Fashion MA18 Womenswear Catwalk presentation. Makeup artist Claire Mulleady used the mesmerizing new glitter shades to create an extreme shine all over the models’ lids.

MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments white
Photo Credit: @clairemulleady/Instagram

Days later, the legendary makeup pro Val Garland used the same glitter pigment to do her magic for the Preen catwalk presentation. According to Val, she dipped her makeup brushes in the new Iridescent White shade that will launch very soon. To achieve the magical look, she used the glitter pigment as dust, which she blew straight to the skin of the models. This might not be the most common way to use sparkles in your makeup looks, but keep in mind that there are plenty of other options to add that glam factor.

MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments white lavender
Photo Credit: @maccosmeticsuk/Instagram
MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments lavender
Photo Credit: @maccosmeticsuk/Instagram

MAC’s new glitter pigment collection is the perfect chance to get your KiraKira app into action. The brand hasn’t confirmed an official release date yet. They did share that you can expect the sparkling new additions sometime in April. April is less than a month away, so start going through your Insta feed for some glam makeup inspiration.

MAC to Launch New Iridescent Glitter Pigments white
Photo Credit: @clairemulleady/Instagram

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