MAC x Nicopanda Collaboration

Pandas are just too cute to overlook, so it’s the latest MAC collaboration that features these chubby bundles of joy! The beauty giant teamed up with the fashion designer Nicola Formichetti on the cutest collaborative collection so far. The designer runs his own streetwear brand Nicopanda since 2011. Even if you haven’t heard of this brand you must have seen Formichetti’s work because it’s practically everywhere. He has worked as a creative director at Mugler, as creative fashion director at Uniqlo, and as artistic director at Diesel. Besides this, Nicola has worked with MAC in the past on many projects and campaigns including the Lady Gaga’s Viva Glam campaign.

“They have always been very supportive of me and my creativity. It was a natural progression to create product together with Nicopanda. They are like family, and we really trust each other,” the designer explains his bond with the infamous beauty company.

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration

MAC X Nicopanda is the first collection where the designer has a full control over the products. From the packaging to the product names, it was all his idea. Nicopanda is a brand dedicated to experimental bold souls, so the collection follows that aesthetic. So far, most MAC collaborations have been on the save side with a bunch of wearable brown and bronze color palettes and traditional lipstick colors. Designer Jeremy Scott was the ice-breaker introducing a collection full of primary colors with a music-themed packaging. MAC x Nicopanda’s collection also features fun colors to test your creativity.

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration face art

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration face art

There are 3 full face kits: Stay Cute, Prima Panda and Preppy Panda. All of the kits feature gorgeous colors such as girly pink, 80s purple, mint green and more. The designer and MAC are also releasing traditional lipsticks that aren’t ordinary at all. Nicola designed panda-shaped bullets that feature adorable panda head on the top of the lipstick cap. The shades go from Barbie pink to mint green. Formichetti made sure to choose universally flattering colors even though they are on the edgier side. Next, there are lipglasses with a similar packaging. The Gleamer Face Powder has an actual panda face in the compact.

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration face powder

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration face art

The Nicopanda collection also features panda-shaped brushes, a pair of eyelashes, adorable brush bag and glittery face stickers. This is the first time that MAC is releasing face stickers. There are glittery bows, flowers, hearts and they are cuteness overload!

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration glitter face stickers

Mac x Nicopanda Collaboration face art

The only bad news is that you have to hang tight until April 5 to get your hands on these adorable products. The MAC x Nicopanda collection will drop first on The products will arrive in MAC’s stores and Macy’s on April 11.

Photo Credit: MAC

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