Manny MUA Talks a Beginner Through a Makeup Tutorial

In an era of numberless video makeup tutorials is hard to imagine life without beauty gurus who teach you how to do makeup. Most of us have learned a lot from the makeup influencers just by watching their videos. The Instagram sensation and you tuber Manny Gutierrez better known as Manny Mua on social media decided to take makeup teaching in another direction. He agreed to direct a beginner through full face glam just by using his voice. See the funny unordinary makeup tutorial below.

As you can see there is a curtain between Manny and the beginner, so this is a real hidden makeup challenge. The beginner is a makeup virgin in every sense of the word – this is his very first time playing around with makeup. Manny gave the beginner detailed instructions to make sure that his first makeup experience will be one to remember.

First Manny taught the beginner how to blend properly. He met with the beauty blender for the first time and seemed to be very impressed with this life-saving beauty tool. We have to admit that this makeup beginner was pretty brave. Most of us needed some time and confidence with makeup tools to cream contour, but this makeup newbie most certainly felt fierce under Manny’s wing. Surprisingly he did a pretty good job blending the cream contour. At least we couldn’t spot harsh lines on his face. He even claimed that is ready for the next Drag Race with RuPaul. That’s the advantage of having Manny Mua as your makeup tutor – you can learn so much from the first try! He even nailed the highlighter application with a fan brush.

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

The eye makeup was one of the funniest parts of this hidden makeup tutorial. Manny’s student did one of the most common beginner’s mistakes: he applied a bit more product and didn’t blend enough. We have all been there, so this isn’t that bad since it’s his first time doing his makeup. Real beauty obsessives know that blending is like a full-time job. It takes some practice to blend your eyeshadow to perfection, but he did a pretty good job under Manny’s mentorship.

Photo By @mannymua733/Instagram

“You don’t wanna pump!” Manny warns him while he was recklessly going in and out with the mascara wand. The air destroys the well-being of your mascara, so never do this! We can only forgive you if you are a makeup beginner like this one.

Photo By @mannymua733/Instagram

The end result was – well you have to see it in the video. The most important thing is that both sides had fun doing this hidden makeup tutorial – and we had fun watching it!