Pat McGrath Releases the Lust: MatteTrance Lipstick Collection

One of the most famous makeup artists in the world Pat McGrath is releasing a brand new, exciting lip collection. Every single person who loves makeup has heard of the great Pat McGrath. Ever since the debut of her makeup products she has been giving cosmetics junkies and professional makeup artists more and more to be excited about. She is one of the most renowned artists who has been in the business for over 25 years. Pat has worked with the best models, brands, photographers, and companies, which only makes you want her products even more.

The name of the collection is Lust: MatteTrance and includes nine brand new matte lipsticks. The lipsticks carry a very special formula, that Pat worked on for many years. This innovative formula is specially designed to make the matte lipstick feel very natural when applied to your lips, without making them dry. Many of the matte lipsticks are very long-lasting but are not very pleasant to your lips and make them feel like concrete.

“I didn’t want a matte that felt like concrete. This formula doesn’t mask the natural texture of your lips. It works beautifully on top of a lip pencil, swiped on straight from the tube or how I always like to apply lipstick, tapped on with fingers. Most lipsticks, even mattes, are little greasy, but the Lust MatteTrance shades almost have a powdery finish; in fact, they feel and look like pure pigment, the payoff is incredible.”- says McGrath.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection

The collection is divided into three sets, each one of them has three lipsticks. All of the lipsticks are named after important events in Pat’s career or carry the names of her muses. The first set is called Skin Show and features neutral tones. The “1995” has a lighter brown tone, the “Omi” carries a brownish-rose tone, while the “Flash” is the chocolaty one. “Omi” is the shade that Pat made for her supermodel best friend Naomi Campbell. She used to mix this shade for Naomi for many years, and now she included it into her newest line. The name for the “1995” comes from a shade of lipstick that the makeup artist loved and was popular in that year.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection skin show Set

The second set is named Color Blitz and the colors in this one are much brighter and much more fun. With this batch, you will get a bright summer-approved orange shade named “Obsessed”. “Full Panic” is a fuchsia colored lipstick (one of the most popular colors for this summer) and the last one is “Elson” –a classic red lipstick. The last shade was inspired by the model Karen Elson, hence the name.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection Color Blitz Set

Last, but not the least, the set with deep and dark colors is named Vicious Venoms. “Deep Void” is the darkest, almost black shade. “McMenamy” is a beautiful burgundy lipstick, while “Antidote” has a dark, astonishing orchid purple tone. The “McMenamy” was inspired and specially made for the supermodel Kristin McMenamy, that is a dear friend of Pat.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection Vicious Venoms set

This collection offers something for everyone. The shades compliment every skin tone and if you are not sure that you want to buy the whole set of three, you can always choose one lipstick.

“When you package them together, it allows you to mix the colors and create ombre and other special effects. It also gives you the options if you’re a person who loves brights, or loves nudes, or love darks.”- Pat adds.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection

The packaging of the lipsticks is also an innovation created by McGrath. They are packed in black ultra-glamorous metal tubes. The most interesting detail are the 3D golden lips placed on the outside of the case. No matter how much you twist the bullet, the lips will always stay facing forward and can be used as a mirror.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection

The lipsticks will be available on starting from June 13th and in Sephora from July 28th. You can get them for 38$ per lipstick, or $95 per set of three. The whole set of nine will be available for 275$. The collection is limited edition, so if you are a makeup lover you’d better hurry up.

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection

Pat McGrath Releases the Lust MatteTrance Lipstick Collection Packaging

Photo Courtesy: Pat McGrath Labs

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