Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Spring 2014 promises to be exceptionally sweet and cute with just as nice and charming makeup looks. One of the best guarantees for this is the fresh Paul & Joe spring 2014 makeup collection, which offers a really huge diversity of makeup products for everything and to everywhere. The wanna-have pieces are just too many here, and you might not decide on your wishlist that easily this time.
So describing the gorgeous pieces available in the new Paul & Joe makeup line more precisely we can mention the following:

Paul & Joe Color Powder CS ($28.00)

This is the first and one of the most successful signatures of spring sweetness and feminine looks. Just look at these enchanting shades. They are sure to take your breath away from the very first sight! This is the best tool for your most incredible rosy fantasies. The creative cases for each shade are just another curious advantage of these sets. The shades available are:
• 088 Dahlia – Gorgeous coral orange to give you a fresh morning glow
• 089 Azalea – A brilliant pink leaves the cheeks naturally flushed
• 090 Amaryllis – A radiant red perfect for all occasions

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Face Powder S ($45.00)

Here is a perfect final touch for your face, able to make it look fresh, radiant, and absolutely healthy. The idea of using some creative designs for cases is present here, too, put as cute robin nests and overall nice looks. The available ingredients are as follows:
• Jojoba Seed Oil – Emollient
• Orange Flower Water – moisturizer
• Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract – moisturizer
• Silk Extract (Hydrolyzed Silk) – moisturizer
• Sodium Hyaluronate – moisturizer
• White Lily Extract – moisturizer, prevents irritation

Paul & Joe Face Brush S ($30.00)

Still want to use something more for the complete glam effect? Use this nice face brush, which will enable you to do anything you wish for accentuating the natural glow of your face, and the fresh spring looks with just a single brushstroke!

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Eye Color Trio ($35.00)

So it comes to eyes again, and the Paul & Joe makeup 2014 collection is ready to take care of that, too, introducing these extremely stunning color shades for your accentuated and eye-catching eye makeup.
• 01 Breakfast in Bed – Bright and warm browns to mimic a sunny day
• 02 My Little Kitty (Mon Petit Chaton) – A sweet and sexy trio of browns
• 03 Garden of Flowers (Le Jardin de Fleurs) – A playful combination of fresh green, flower pink and a touch of lavender
• 04 Tree Shaded Walkway – Sophisticated maple colors reminiscent of the changing season
• 05 Cherry Blossom – Natural shades of pink, gold and brown blend for an effortlessly chic look
• 06 April in Paris – These three romantic shades are the perfect pastel pairing evocative of Paris in the springtime
• 07 Stormy Weather – These sultry shades are perfect for the spirited woman looking for a dark & smoldering look
• 08 Night Cafe – Three metallic shades create an effortlessly smoky day-to-night eye

Paul & Joe Eye Color Trio Compact ($10.00) (Limited Edition)

In search of a suitable and comfy compacts of eye color? The solution is right here and is ready to meet any demands and desires of yours!
• 001 A femininely floral case reminiscent of a beautiful spring day
• 002 Fun and flirty felines decorate a bright red compact
• 003 Bursts of flowers decorate this retro case
• Compact I – A Classic case suited for any occasion

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS ($20.00) / Lipstick Case ($7.00)

Going on with the perfected makeup accents, here come the suggestions for lips, which are no less romantic and girly. These sweet colors are exactly what your perfect spring looks require. The cases are just as creative as the shades, so here you may find imaginative solution both for packaging and for shades.
• 084 Poppy – This cheerful fresh orange gives you the bouncy step of a beautiful Poppy flower
• 085 Peony – An exciting baby pink is perfect for lips that want to make a statement
• 086 Rosebud – A sheer red suggests secret passion and ignites the fire of spring’s life
Lipstick Case CS:
• 012 A mint green case reminiscent of spring’s freshness
• 013 This retro pattern evokes fields of wildflowers just waiting to be explored
• 014 A bold horse print to inspire adventure

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel ($16.00) (Limited Edition)

You think there’s no place left for nails after such a diversity of other products? Then you’re mistaken, since the Paul & Joe spring 2014 makeup collection has that, too. Here we have absolutely amazing and cute alternatives for matching spring-inspired nails, too!
• 036 Lily – A purifying pink white
• 037 Hyacinth – A clear blue provides a calming escape
• 038 Petunia – A light touch of peaceful pink
• 039 Buttercup – A cheerful sun yellow to brighten up your days
• 040 Carnation – A sheer vermillion red that says nothing but love

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Paul & Joe Silky Smooth Foundation UV

Finally, here we have a small yet very useful bonus component coming as these cool and great foundation shades, perfect for creating the exact and suitable background for the rest of the products to do their part. So find the one created for you and enjoy your perfect looks!
• No.100
• No.101
• No.102
• No.103
• No.201
• No.301
• No.302

Describing all these sets in short, we can surely state that they are indeed a very loud and audible say in the makeup options offered for the coming spring. The Paul & Joe spring 2014 makeup collection is even more that a guarantee of unforgettable looks. It is just what we’ve been dreaming of put in one pack! The set is planned to launch internationally in January 2014 at and February 2014 for the Eye Color Trios & Compacts.

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Paul & Joe

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