Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand “Awake”

Yesterday’s hype was all about GlamGlow and their first makeup product. Today in the beauty news section we have a completely opposite example of a brand who is undertaking a different action. Tarte is one of the most popular makeup brands at the moment. Fans are obsessed with their Shape Tape Concealer and Amazonian Clay Foundation. That’s why we’re more than excited to announce that Tarte is now launching a sister skincare label called Awake.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake

The concept of Awake is really amazing. We’re talking about products that will help your skin feel fresh and well-rested. It was inspired by busy ladies, who are always on the go and struggle to keep up with their schedule. The range offers products for a variety of skin tones. As the name suggests, your face will look awake even if you had a long night.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake

Awake has actually been around since 1995 but is now getting a completely different look and products. At that time their packaging was not so alluring, although the concept of organic skincare was still present. Thanks to the label’s creative director Daniel Kiyoi every single packaging today has a special meaning, intricately hinting the benefits of the products.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake ray of bright radiance moisturizer

“The Awake Effect [the uh-weyk ih-fekt]: you can’t always get a good night’s sleep, but your skin doesn’t need to show it. Full of natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients, Awake is beauty sleep in a bottle that’s meant to optimize your routine & help your skin reach its true potential (in no time at all!). #bottledbeautysleep #awakebeauty”- says the label’s announcement.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake balance shot antioxidant concentrate

There are already several items in the line that the beauty community can’t wait to put on a test. If you’re struggling with large pores and uneven complexion, Awake has the perfect solution. Their Pore Down Tightening Concentrate is priced at $38. It’s a silicone-free serum, which hydrates the skin, eliminates the dead skin and retexturizes it. Other highlights include a trio of “shots”, Hydra, Firma, Balance, vitamin C-infused serum, tinted lip balms and more.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake pore down concentrate

Tarte’s packaging is always next-level. So the same thing applies to the Awake offerings. Everything looks so cute and cheeky. Bottles feature cute prints including tiny hearts, dots, flowers, stars. The colors are pretty, pastel and alluring. If you’ve been looking for a fairly affordable skincare label that will keep your complexion fresh and radiant, you might want to try out Awake. According to the announcement, all of their products are vegan, cruelty-free and only contain ingredients that are great for the skin.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake (1)

You can start shopping the entire collection at awakebeauty.com. The prices range from $16 up to $38.

Tarte Announces Sister Skincare Brand Awake lip balm

Photo Credit: Awake

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