The Best Tips for Wearing Makeup At The Beach

Wearing makeup at the beach is usually frowned upon. In the past, we could barely see somebody with a full face glam but nowadays a lot of things have changed. First of all, because we have all those Instagram stars who promote the trend of wearing makeup at the beach. On the other hand, we have to admit that a little touch-up here and there looks really good on the photos.

If you are a fan of wearing makeup at the beach keep these simple tips in mind before you apply your full beach glam.

Always Use SPF

Before you apply any makeup remember that you always need to apply SPF. Some foundations have SPF in their formula, but for the beach, you need much more protection. Apply a generous coat of sunscreen on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes before you apply your makeup.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Woman Applies Sunscreen
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Go Light on The Foundation

Thick and creamy formulas will turn into a disaster after minutes under the hot summer sun. If you can’t go without coverage try to mix a drop of your foundation with your sunscreen. Another option is the tinted moisturizer. They are light and have a decent amount of sunscreen. Regardless the fact that they have sunscreen you should always use a regular one to protect your skin the best.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Mixing Foundation with Sunscreen
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Use a Bronzer

The bronzer will enhance your natural skin color and turn you into a bronze goddess. Apply light contours on strategic parts of your face to enhance your facial features. Don’t exaggerate because any extra product can easily turn into a cakey situation. A better option is to use a creamy bronzer or a darker foundation because they are more resistant. Always apply a small amount because you don’t want to look overdone at the beach.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach  Applying Creamy Bronzer
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Always Glow

If you are about to choose one makeup product for the beach then illuminator or highlighter should be your choice. Nothing looks more flattering at the beach than a healthy natural glowing skin. For a more natural effect use a liquid illuminator and lightly dab on the high points of your face. Avoid creamy formulas because they will melt right off.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Natural Glow
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Powder For Touch-ups

You should avoid powder products at the beach because they will easily wash off or get cakey. Anyway, it’s always a great idea to keep your pressed powder in your bag for a quick touch-up. You might decide to go for a round of cocktails after the beach and just a dab of the pressed powder on your T-zone will remove the excess oil and sweat from your face.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Applying makeup with sponge
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Waterproof Products

This seems like a no-brainer and yet we see multiple girls with panda eyes at the beach. If you decided to do a full glam at the beach, at least do it right. The waterproof mascara, eyeliner, Kajal and brow pencil are the most important products for a flawless beach-approved makeup look.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Waterproof Makeup
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Use Blotting Paper

No matter how hard you try to make your beach makeup bulletproof, the sun and the water will do their thing. The beach is definitely not a place to reapply makeup. If you get oily or sweaty simply dab your face with a blotting paper. The makeup might fade but your face will look fresh and neat.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach 7 Blotting papers
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You should definitely avoid any glossy or satin formulas. These lipsticks will instantly melt under the heat and end up all around your lips. Our recommendation is to use matte lipsticks or lip stains. Since it’s summer definitely experiment with color and spice up your natural makeup with a lipstick in a vibrant color. Coral, cherry red, and fuchsia are some the hottest lipstick colors for this season and all of them will look fun and exotic at the beach. You are probably aware that matte lipsticks tend to dry the lips so if you simply want to protect your lips use a chapstick or lip balm.

Tips For Wearing Makeup at The Beach Coral Lipstick
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