Too Faced and GlamGlow To Release Glitter Face Masks

Glitter is going to become a part of your everyday life soon. Forget the times when glitter was used only for Halloween and festivals. The 90s’ trends that had a huge comeback this year brought back the glitter in our makeup routine. There is nothing weird in using glitter to get a glamorous look for a night out. But apparently, you’ll be able to nurture your skin with glitter soon. Two major brands Too faced and GlamGlow took the glitter obsession on a higher level.

Too Faced’s co-founder Jerrod Blandino teased his followers with a video of a glitter face mask. In the video, you can see a woman applying the glorious mixture all over her face. At the end, she peels off the wondrous mask with ease and no residue whatsoever. The glitter face mask will be Too Faced’s first skincare product. With no doubt, the cruelty-free brand will enter the world of skincare with style.

Too Faced is not the only brand that wants to add glitter to your skin care routine. Just 24 hours after Too Faced’s glitter mask teaser, the Instagram-famous brand GlamGlow announced the launch of the Glittermask. The Glittermask is expected to arrive during the holidays. GlamGlow’s Glittermask will offer a peel-off firming treatment with its star-shaped iridescent glitter. The glitter is mixed with the charcoal-colored base. According to GlamGlow, the glitter face mask won’t cause messy situations. Every glitter addict knows the clean-up struggle after using glitter, but this face mask performs with no leave behind. The Glittermask reminds of the brand’s Gravitymud metallic silver peel-off mask. The mask became an internet obsession when it first launched because of its vibrant metallic finish. The new Glittermask might be Gravitymud’s glittery twin. As you can see the Glittermask is very Instagrammable and ready to take over your Instagram feed.

Too Faced and GlamGlow To Release Glitter Face Masks Glittermask with star-shaped glitters
Photo By @glamglow/Instagram
Too Faced and GlamGlow To Release Glitter Face Masks Glittermask with star-shaped glitters
Photo By @glamglow/Instagram
Too Faced and GlamGlow To Release Glitter Face Masks Glittermask with star-shaped glitters
Photo By @glamglow/Instagram

There are no official release dates for the glitter face masks yet. Glamglow’s Glittermask is expected to launch first, sometime during the holiday season. The brand confirmed that the Glittermask will be available at Sephora. Too Faced didn’t reveal any information about the launch date. Although there aren’t specific dates for you to mark your calendar, we are sure that you won’t miss their launch. The beauty influencers will probably receive the products before the official launching and you’ll see these glamorous masks all over your Instagram feed.

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