Vampy Makeup Looks to Show Off Your Dark Side

We know that there are gals who are tired of all the craziness over natural makeup looks. Well, this one is for you. In the sea of warm-toned makeup looks, Kim Kardashian-inspired bronze smokey eyes and minimal red carpet makeup looks, you go bold. There are multiple ways to go bold in terms of makeup. Besides flaunting vibrant colorful makeup looks, you could do the opposite. Vampy mystic makeup looks are here to make a statement and show off your dark side. Let’s admit it: everyone has it. The question is: Would you dare to show it off?

Neutral, earthy eyeshadows are in almost every girl’s makeup kit. That might not be the case with dark and bold eyeshadows. If you want to go for a full vampy look get yourself a deep burgundy eyeshadow and lipstick in a matching color. The color-matching effect will emphasize the vampy theme of the makeup look. To add to the drama go for a monochromatic look. Since vampires like blood, you got to like bloody burgundy make up looks. The biggest misconception with these deep red shades is that they don’t look good on everyone. Since red is a warm color, believe us, it looks flattering on any skin complexion. Just dare to ditch your brown smokey eye for these looks and you’ll love the results.

Besides burgundy, you could opt for purple and plum shades to compliment your dark side. In that case get yourself a dark purple lipstick to match your eye makeup. Black eyeshadow is welcomed with most of these looks but not necessarily. You can look like a modern-day hot vampire without a hint of black. Anyway if you feel that you need to deepen your makeup look, go for it.

All-matte looks are a better option if you want a bolder effect. The matte eyeshadows enhance the vamp effect. Since there is no shimmer or sparkle to soften the look, you got boldness to its fullest. Don’t forget to compliment your blush with the rest of the colors you are using on your face. With these accented eye makeup looks you can go heavy on contouring. Anyway, if you aren’t a fan of overly-sculpted looks you could leave all the attention on the eyes with softer face makeup.

Here are some of our favorite vampy makeup looks that you can use to show off your dark side. Don’t forget to keep a straight face when flaunting vampy makeup look – just to add to the drama.

Vampy Makeup Looks to Show Off Your Dark Side red makeup
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