Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Body

Every woman has something to boast for. Some are proud of their angel-like face, others for their thin waist, rich bust, full sexy hips or long and slim legs. You may even meet girls who possess two or even three of these assets. Nowadays, trend is the switch from skinny model like figures to much feminine body shapes, with an outlined bust and wider hips that look gorgeous especially in tight fitting clothes.

Since there are different body shapes, each of us should know peculiarities of our own body and choose clothes that will look appropriate on us. Be it an apple shaped, hourglass or a pear shaped body, we should be realistic. If we have a shortcoming somewhere, better hide it in a clever manner. Below we will talk especially about pear shaped bodies. This type of body shape is characterized with narrow shoulders, small bust, a very thin waistline and hips wider than shoulders. In a word, the upper part is slim, the lower part of the body way too wide. Your goal should be balancing your upper and lower parts of the body, yet showing off your curves. Here, we suggest you some fashion tips for pear shaped body.

Tops for Pear Shaped Body

The key element for pear shaped body is a high accentuated top part of the body. For this, always choose tight and slim fitting tops that will highlight your pride, your tiny waist. If you are wearing shirts or blouses with long sleeves, choose those with wide neckline. This way you will broaden your shoulders. You can wear belts right on your waist to outline it even more. Thus you will be able to keep attention on your top part.

Skirts and Pants for Pear Shaped Body

When it comes to skirts or pants, choose the ones that hit below the natural waistline. You will avoid extra layers on your thinnest part of the body. Use miniskirts. Too short dresses will highlight the problematic area. When choosing pants, pay attention to every detail. Do not take pants with large prints or pockets on them. Your legs will look huge in them.

Your pants should also be long enough. Do not cut your legs by pants above your knee or slightly beneath them. Your body will be divided into three parts, each of them easily eye catching.

It is also considered that tight pants are not acceptable for pear shaped bodies. On the one hand, they indeed outline your wide hips and make the misbalance vividly noticeable. On the other hand, though, tight pants make your hips look sexy. For this reason, choose stretchy pants or jeans. They normally fit perfect and no unwanted lines will appear on your body. You can combine the tights with a tunic, which is exactly your size. Do not take too loose or tight ones. You will spoil the effect.

You should also remember that darker colors of pants are most helpful. Too bright colored pants will focus the attention to your hips. If you like brightness, then play with colors for the top part of your body, while leaving the lower one in darker shades.

Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Body

Shoes and other accessories

High heels are an ideal choice, since they will make your legs look longer and slimmer. The widest part of you will be balanced. You can also choose rough styled shoes or platforms, which will balance your calves.

Any accessory can be acceptable. As mentioned above, you can easily use belts. Nice necklaces, earrings are also fine, since this way you will have people looking on your face or your top part, rather than beneath your waist. Create a visual interest concentrated on your face and neck. Use a vivid makeup and a stunning hair style. Your number one task is keeping eyes on your face. Always keep that in mind.

Last but not least, keep in mind that times have changed and what was once considered too unacceptable for fashion, is now striving forward into it. The thin silhouettes of models are sometimes replaced by little fuller ones. Any dress looks more feminine on a girl with hips and bust, rather than hanging on a straight figure. And a pear shaped body is number one preferred shape in this respect. There are dozens of celebrities with this body shape who do not stop amazing their fans with outstanding looks. Remember, your tiny waist and sexy hips are the credo for your success. Simply learn the art of presenting yourself in the appropriate way, by using the style tips above, and your look will be admirable.

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