Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Every woman has her own and unique beauty and if she knows how to accentuate it and present herself with the maximum impressive way, then that’s what we call perfection. As one of Sophia Loren’s quotes states, “If your body is far from perfect, the skin is not as clear as we would like, if you are of small stature – it’s not a tragedy. At Beauty other mechanisms, it comes from other sources.” And it really is so, in every single way and expression. Talking about the stature, we are now going to introduce the basic fashion tips for petite women.

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Shoes for Petite Women

The very first thing that will be quite helpful in accentuating your beauty and compensating for your petite figure is, of course, the heels. The latter are responsible for changing anything, from looks in general to moves, and impressions the wearer produces. Talking about the styles of the shoes, we may note that the classic options without straps are the ideal picks. They will visually make the legs longer, and, of course, will help you look taller and slimmer. Colors may vary from dark to light and from pale to bright.

Garments and Patterns for Petite Women

Having decided everything with shoes, we should pass to the choice of garments and namely their basic patterns and styles. In this respect we may first of all mention the vertical stripes (Learn: How to Wear Stripes) as the key patterns for any garments from pants to accessories like scarfs. Tight-fitting or lightly more relaxed silhouettes are ideal for these looks. Jumpers and sweaters with V or U necks are also preferable in this case.

As for the dresses, A-lines are a definite do. Talking about the pants, we may note them as being high-waist types, which is advisable, but still, if you like the low-waist options more, they may also do here, of course, with not too low designs. Flared jeans are another comfy option for your consideration. As for skirts, we may again come to tube and pencil skirts. Slightly above the knee is the ideal length. Jackets reaching the hips are also helpful in the creation of cool images.

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Accessories for Petite Women

The following attention seeking aspect for you to consider is the fashion accessories. There are nor strict limitations here either about the styles or the shades. Simply like in any other case, you need to match the accessories correctly and tastefully with the rest of the garments. Still, they shouldn’t be too big. Chokers or short necklaces are not that preferable, but still they may also be replaced with longer variants, which might be included in your picks. Also, you need to say goodbye to your big handbags (Check out: How to Choose Handbags According To Your Figure), since they look too overwhelming for you. Small options and clutches are the do instead.

Colors for Petite Women

After discussing the basic shapes and garments, we should come to the basic shade combos that are possible to be created. Thus, we may name the monochrome options as the most preferable and good alternatives. This will also visually make you taller, apart from creating tasteful looks. Another great idea to try out is color blocking.

Plus Size Petite Ladies Fashion Tips

Coming to plus size petite women, we may talk about high-waist skirts, pants and jeans, as well as long and tight fitting dresses. Half fitting options are ideal in this respect. Dark blue, khaki, brown, and, of course, black are the best color picks for you. Spicing up the looks with accessories like kerchiefs on the neck or chic heels is also a good idea.

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Style Don’ts for Petite Women

Finally, after discussing the basic dos of the stylish looks of petite women (Don’t Miss: Tips to Long, Enviable Legs), we come to the general don’ts, which include the big collars, pockets, roomy handbags, and all the other big things. Horizontal stripes and lines are also included in the list of don’ts. So are the thick belts and too long dresses, and the extremely tight garments in general. Wide-leg pants and capris, as well as garments with big prints and, of course, big accessories should also be excluded from the list.

So here were the basic style tips and tricks for petite women, about how to create the ideal looks if you’re a tiny-cutie fashionista. You have the chance to create the most charming and cute combos, and these tips will certainly help you in that.

Photos courtesy of DesignScene, Woman Magazine

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