Gothic Trend: Gothic Fashion Tips

Those being brave and ready for new, somewhat strange and bulk looks, those striving to differ from the rest with their impudent, dark elegant look, will hardly stay indifferent to the Gothic fashion trend. Be aware that when choosing the gothic trend, you don’t always face an easy task, as it can require a lot of money and a thorough study of each of the nuances for an ideal complete look. Goth is indeed a complicated style, but if conceived correctly, thus used properly, it can look absolutely amazing and extraordinary in the world of fashion. Try to go into this trend slowly, so that you are not criticized for the rough changes. Wear at least one component of this style on you and feel the fun and power of the style. Read through the following Gothic fashion tips and learn the smartest ways of nailing down the Gothic trend.

Gothic Trend: Gothic Fashion Tips

How to Get Into the Gothic Trend

Start with the simplest. Begin using a non-traditional Gothic makeup. Go with the style as much as you still feel comfortable. There are no exact rules here, so do not bother to use most of all the gothic tips all together.

Think about your hair too. Gothic styled hair is really amazing. Your natural hair is either dyed or styled in a way that is not a common one for your everyday look. You can opt for multi colored hair, however, black tends to be the popular base color for this trend. You can go ahead and use different hair accessories for more emphasis.

It’s also a good idea to wear a thick headband to cover your hair. It will again be an additional highlight for the style.

How to Wear Gothic Clothing

Gothic style isn’t absolutely connected with too dark, weird look that gives the impression of a hopeless Goth fan. It’s, actually, all about glamour and extra highlights. So feel free to get in touch with your dark side, thus choosing the Gothic Trend. You can as well update your wardrobe with such fabrics as velvet, delicate lace, silk, sheer chiffon, leather. Finish off your looks with ornate necklaces and fierce studded shoes for a final gothic result. Here are some styling tips to nail down this trend for autumn and winter, especially, since such darker shades are perfect for the gloomy season.

When it comes to picking appropriate clothing it can be of lycra, for example, or any of the materials mentioned above. The colors are usually a mixture of dark shades.

• Leather is one of the easiest way of getting into the Goth mood, so make sure to get at least one pair of leather pants or a leather skirt. You can combine your leather pants or skirt with a black chiffon shirt for a dramatic, elegant look. As for the matching accessories, think lots of studs and spiked pieces, whether that will be a bag, gloves, jewellery pieces or shoes.

• For a more seductive look you can combine metallic inserts and black sequins. This trend is not all about evening, but can also be used in your everyday wardrobe. Wear your favorite pair of black skinny jeans, pair them with a fitted pewter grey sweater, add accessories, such as a chunky necklace, as well as a pair of studded ankle boots and you will have a gothic look. This trend is especially budget-friendly for anyone with a wardrobe that is packed with black/ dark clothes.

• Black is the ideal choice for this look but if you do not like this color for several reasons, like it is not matching your complexion, you can experiment with other dark colors, such as dark plums, deep navy, ox blood and deep emerald green. If you like bright details, then feel free to finish you look with an appropriate make-up as well. Wear red, better a burgundy lipstick and a simple eye shadow for fairer skin tones. For more emphasis, you can also have bold smokey eyes.

• Once you choose clothing think about your footwear. Platform boots and shoes are extremely popular now, so you will not make a mistake if you invest in at least one pair of those. Give preference to knee-high leather boots, which look both sexy and Goth.

• Choose the correct outerwear. Wearing the Goth trend in winter, it’s a smart idea to pick an architectural coat, which shapes your outfits perfectly. Embellished outerwear also looks dramatic and gothic, so you can choose a studded or a bejeweled coat, feeling sure you’ll look absolutely gorgeous with the Goth trend.

• Make sure you get lace pieces to embrace the Goth trend. Best of all, lace can be worn both in summer and in winter, on the daily basis and on special occasions. A little black lace blouse, a top with lace sleeves and panels, or a lace dress will look extremely sophisticated, feminine and will add a Goth mood to your look.

Always keep in mind that the Gothic trend doesn’t mean a “horror” look. It’s about a dramatic dark elegance, a “Valentino” sophistication, seduction and, of course, femininity. Follow these easy style tips and wear Gothic pieces on you. If you need to look to others for style inspiration, it is ok. Once you understand the essence of the style, try to develop your own style later on anyway.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

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