How to Choose Stockings

Stockings are the must-haves in every girl’s closet, the sexiest and most appealing accessory ever existing. Be it a lycra one, silk, nylon, or of a harder texture, like woolen ones, of different colors, each of us simply love having several pairs at hands. Most women even have an entire collection of various types of stockings. They can transform even the simplest look instantly and leave a ladylike imprint on your outfits. Being every single woman’s beloved and breathtaking elastic and transparent accessory in the closet, stockings require a little attention while choosing, wearing, mix and matching them with various clothing pieces. Actually, not too much is required in order to know how to choose stockings and where to wear them. Just a few style tips and you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous and romantic!

How to Choose Stockings

History of Stockings

In ancient times, stockings were used by men initially. It was a part of their outfit. Even today, in Scotland, stockings are worn under the kilt, the traditional costume of the country.

In the 16th century, stockings were made of woven cloth. Later with the appearance of knitting machines, woolen, cotton and silk stockings came into fashion.

If at the beginning of the 20th century the purpose of wearing stockings was for warming up, in 1940’s however, it started to carry another purpose: to make women’s legs look nice and slim. Garters and belts were used to adjust the stockings. Nowadays in order to look hotter and pleasing, stockings are preferred over pantyhose. Nevertheless, stockings are not a preferred garment for extra cold weather, since they do not cover the entire leg.

How to Choose Stockings

How to Choose Stockings

There are a few aspects to be considered, when it comes to choosing the correct pair of stockings for your figure and skin color. First of all when choosing stockings ask yourself for what weather you are going to wear it. If for an additional emphasis on your legs, then lycra, nylon ones are the best. But if you want to protect your legs from the cold, then go for either woolen ones, or take other thicker stockings that will serve for the purpose. Nevertheless, if you are wearing an evening dress or an elegant skirt, it is acceptable to wear delicate ones, like lycra, which look both classical and make your legs look slimmer.

There are different colors of stockings, black, skin color, grey or mocha, that look great with a cocktail dress. Whenever you wear a casual skirt then you can afford having stockings of other colors, like blue, brown, red and whatever you think matches your outfit. These colored stockings go well with boots as well. You can go for a hippy style!

When you are choosing stockings, pay attention to the prints, if there are any on them. If you are buying a pair for wearing at work, then better choose a smooth one, to have a more business look. For other occasions, feel free to go for any embroidery and other decorations on your legs.

Today wearing stocking has become easier. No need to wear those belts on top of the stocking to make them stick to your leg. Modern stockings have silicon attached on top that keeps the latter firmly on your leg and doesn’t let it fall. But if you are organizing an intimate evening with your man, feel free to accentuate your sexuality with those extra garments.

In addition to these, other helpful tips of choosing stockings are produced below. Have a quick look at them.

1. Match the stocking with the shoes you are wearing. The shoes should never be lighter colored than the stockings.

2. Know your size exactly and apt for a high quality stocking, not to have a “cheap” look. Besides you will get nervous when it tears soon. For extra caution, apply cream to your hands to avoid any snags. This is a part of accessory that is most eye-catching. A bad pair will make you lose confidence.

3. Beige stockings are the most appropriate ones for every occasion. Black ones are a little bit capricious, so consider the place you are going to visit, before choosing the color of the stocking.

4. For a funky look, take stockings with prints on them.

5. If your dress is short never take stockings. You don’t want to look funny when the naked pat of your upper legs becomes visible once you sit down. Better take pantyhose to be on the safe side.

6. In hot weather avoid dark colors of stockings or don’t wear them at all. Naked legs are no less attractive.

Pay attention to these nuances before the purchase and get long, enviable legs that will make heads turn!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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