How To Wear Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are considered to be one of the most beautiful, feminine, comfortable and practical fashion pieces that seem to never go out of style. Every time coming back to fashion they bring something fresh and unexpected to fashionisers, thus becoming even more demanded. They flatter everyone and look gorgeous for any occasion: you can wear your maxi skirt both in the park and at the beach, to a concert or a cocktail party. So it’s no surprise that maxi skirts have become absolute must haves in every voguish woman’s wardrobe.

Maxi skirts come in various shapes and designs and become the perfect choice for a bohemian, elegant and casual look. There are so many gorgeous styles available, like draped, pleated maxi skirts, asymmetrical maxi skirts, frilled or straight ones, with gorgeous floral prints, stripes, dots or wild animal prints, in amazing colors like blue, green, turquoise, raspberry, red or go-with-everything neutral tones. Thanks to this diversity every fashioniser is sure to find the perfect style to pull off.

If maxi skirts have managed to become your favorite wardrobe essentials too, make sure to read through these useful fashion tips on how to choose a maxi skirt and how to wear it in the most stylish way.

How To Wear Maxi Skirts

How to choose a maxi skirt

Since every woman has different body shapes, it’s important to find the maxi skirt that will perfectly fit your shapes.

• If you are too tall and want to look a bit shorter, go for a maxi skirt in two colors separated with a horizontal line. You can also create a shorter look by complementing your maxi skirt with flats, a bolero and a short blazer.

• On the other hand, petite women who are striving to elongate their silhouettes are advised to match their ground-skimming maxi skirts with V-necklines, heels and tight-fitting tops. Also try to stay away from frills and prints, which tend to make one look shorter.

• Slim girls can try the trendiest design of a maxi skirt – the pleated one, while plump girls should never dare to sport this style. Moreover, plump girls should also avoid clinging maxi skirts made of strong fabrics, as such skirts will make them look bigger and will accentuate the areas they would wish to hide.

• Ladies with big breasts or broad shoulders are advised to wear maxi skirts with high splits, which will perfectly balance their silhouettes.

• If you want to put the accent on your midriff, choose a high-waisted maxi skirt, which looks amazing with high heel shoes. To get this effect, you can also mix and match your maxi skirt with a wide belt.

• To create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette in the areas of thighs and bottom, you can pick a maxi skirt in darker shades. Also keep in mind that maxi skirts are the best style options for girls with imperfect legs.

How To Wear Maxi SkirtsHow To Wear Maxi Skirts

How to wear maxi skirts

Once you are done with choosing the most flattering maxi skirt for you, you should know how to sport it in the right way to create a variety of looks, from romantic evening out ones to a more serious look for work, if surely there is no dress code at the office you work.

• Maxi skirts matched with a demure blouse and a perfectly tailored blazer will create a stylish classic ensemble.

• A maxi skirt paired with a light summery jacket and a clinging top will look amazing for a casual, laid-back look.

• To add a touch of edginess to your look, accessorize you maxi skirt with biker boots and fur jackets.

• In cold weather, you can wear you maxi skirt with a leather jacket (made of lighter fabrics like silk or chiffon) or a knitted cardigan.

• Narrow and straight-line maxi skirts can be worn with clinging and loose tops, while full maxi skirts look fabulous with close-fitting tops.

• Printed maxi skirts should be matched with monotone tops, while monotone maxi skirts look amazing both with printed and monotone tops.

• Maxi skirts aren’t advised to be worn with long cardigans and blazers, as this way the proportions of your figure get distorted.

• You can spice up your maxi skirt with matchy accessories, like wide-brim hats, large rings, bracelets, bangles and cuffs. Think ethnic jewelry for the maximum impact.

• As for the footwear, you can try different options depending on your preferences and on the look you want to create. Maxi skirts look fabulous both with ballerina flats and wedges, high heel shoes and platform sandals, espadrilles and biker boots.

Now, when you already know all the style secrets connected with maxi skirts, trust you inner fashionista, switch on your creativeness and sport head-turning looks, becoming a real trendsetter for your peers.

How To Wear Maxi SkirtsHow To Wear Maxi Skirts


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