American Farmers Shape Fashion Trends: How to Wear The Cowgirl Style

Talking about chic and creative styles, we can’t leave out the American Farmers style, which does have its deserved place among the trendiest options you can opt for. So here we are going to introduce the main shapes and designs that are peculiar to this trend and are recommended for maximum successful results. Have a nosey at some useful fashion tips on how to wear the cowgirl style and look cool as never!

How to Wear The Cowgirl Style
Before passing to the main cowgirl trend, we’d like to introduce the typical American styles to you and their peculiarities!

Indian Ethnic Inspired Fashion

This is the first and one of the most significant options we should consider when talking about the American style. This style is peculiar with a number of features, including the typical heavy materials, and the characteristic color palette. Fabrics are also significant here, including options like cotton for the basic shapes and pieces. Also, the wide use of leather and velvet options is peculiar to this style and actually originated from here.

Talking about the color peculiarities, we should mention the blue, red, and orange pieces first, also complemented with shades of brown, from coffee to beige alternatives. Here you may find details like tunic dresses, jackets, and skirts with lavish patterns and prints and ethnic inspired design finishes. Embroidered options are also significant, coming for garments and shoes as well. Another typically Indian inspired detail you can spice up your looks with is feathers and descriptive braided hairdos.

How to Wear The Cowgirl Style

Hawaii Style: Get Energized!

The very name of Hawaii speaks for itself, hinting about the warm and cool weather, the abundance of colors and the energizing shapes. So that’s exactly how the Hawaii style may be best described with. It’s all about opting for floral-printed garments with lots of bright colors, weightless and subtle designs, and summer accessories like handbags and comfy sandals. Despite the fact that the very first options of the native inhabitants of Hawaii were exclusively blue, now this style is associated with the greatest proportions of bright colors possible.

The Cowboy Fashion Trend

This is the following component of the American style, composing another impressive subdivision of combinations you can opt for. What makes this style differ from the previous ones is primarily the color palette, coming with shades of grey, white, blue and differently shaded brown. Zippers and masculine inspired design details are the next common features here. American jeans are the next key details, which may be put with tight fitting shapes or relaxed alternatives. What refers to tops, they may be diverse and versatile as well, coming as white shirts, tops with checkered patterns or denim fabrics.

Prints like vintage images of Mickey Mouse and options reading “Wanted” are widely used here, accompanied with the most frequently met Sheriff badges also used for hats. The latter are probably a complementary detail for the cowboy looks. The best play pair for this is the kerchief. Also, you may opt for wide metallic belts and fringed handbags.

How to Wear The Cowgirl Style
The boots used with this type of combos are also noteworthy, especially with their elongated and slightly bent tips and the cowboy shapes of the heels. There are not rigid rules in this look, so you may also opt for miniskirts, shorts, or even dresses with fluttery shapes and lots of design details.

So these were the basic components of the American fashion style. In order to provide you with some extra tips and innovative ideas, we would suggest you matching the specifically American design details like fringes with glam vibes like glitter, or opting for a cropped top adorned with fringes, and matching it with a kneed length skirt or tailored pants. Matching the masculine vibes with high-waist vintage inspired options is also a good idea. Going for monochrome options is the next resourceful solution you can opt for.

Western embroidery is the next impressive detail you can opt for, which can be matched with details like floral patterns and abstract motives, also complementing the looks with lace patterns. Also, you will get impressive results in case of matching the Western vibes with minimalistic options, thus putting that with hats, belts, boots of other design details. For the minimalistic feel, you need to stray away from too sophisticated and intricate design details like fringes and lace.

Now that you know practically all the details for your ideal cowgirl looks, you will be able to create the most effective and cool looks ever! So don’t hesitate to put the theory to practice!

How to Wear The Cowgirl Style

Photos courtesy of Elle, Marie Claire

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