Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials

One of a woman’s sexiest parts of the wardrobe is of course the lingerie. It’s the base of any stylish outfit and any functional and fashionable wardrobe. Stylish underwear is what makes each of us feminine. The purpose of wearing lingerie is making us feel comfortable, as well as creating a smooth layer for the clothes we are going to wear on top the lingerie. Of course, it’s important to pay attention not only to the design of the underwear we are going to wear, but also the quality. The better quality the bra has, for example, the better look our tops will have. In order to learn what underwear to wear with certain garments and how to create a functional lingerie wardrobe, it’s important to have all the lingerie wardrobe essentials at hand.

Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials

Lingerie Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have

A Fitting Bra

Bra plays a great role in the lingerie drawer. Every woman should have a collection of bras of different colors and types, such as long line, lace bra, a push up one and so on. Keep on changing your bra every single day, since it is not a good idea to wear one and the same bra for several days. The reason is that our body heat tends to relax the fabric of the bra, so it needs time to return to its original shape. Take your time to examine the quality and the sizes of the bra you are going to acquire. The size should be exactly yours. The material should be quite tough, so that to keep your bosom firm. If the bra does not correspond to these requirements your top will be introduced in a wrong way and you will lack confidence. Give preference to bras of natural fabric, avoiding synthetic ones, which do not let your bosom breath.

If you are fond of wearing shirts or blouses of lighter texture, that are transparent, then it is preferable to choose a bra of your skin color, so that it becomes invisible to others. Keep in mind, that however trendy that may look, it is vulgar to show off what color your lingerie is. Keep it for your sweetheart only, in a more intimate atmosphere.


There is nothing so pleasing in a woman’s look, than a matching pair of panties to the bra. Whenever this two complement each other you look gorgeous. Since panties, in addition to bras, are changed several times a day, always get at least two matching panties to the bra: a bikini style, string or boy-shorts.

If you love white or beige color, always choose beige panties, since they are invisible. White ones, on the contrary become visible when worn under white trousers or skirts. If you wear tight pants, always take panties that have no laces or any hard knits on the edges that will not let the outfit look smooth on your body.

Shape Wear

Women of all ages are using shape-wear to bring their figures to perfection, by concealing problem areas like the tummy, thighs, bottoms and busts. Take a look at your wardrobe and decide to add a few shape-wear solutions for special occasion outfits. Your figure looks perfect and slim. Shape-wear has improved greatly with textiles that are comfortable and can smooth out your figure under clingy clothes. Go for beige, black and white shape wears. They are the essential and most used colors for this item.


A sleepwear should be chosen thoroughly, since you are going to sleep in them and need an extra comfort. A tight or hard fabric will not be an ideal choice.

Always take a little loose, soft and gentle natural materials that will first fit you well and let your body breathe. If not for “special evenings with your sweetheart”, choose cotton sleepwear. Synthetic ones are not that comfortable.

Always refresh your wardrobe with sleepwear and fill your heart with joy, since not only should you look perfect for the public, but for yourself as well. And what makes you feel so, if not a lovely, fluffy sleepwear.

These are the main items of lingerie that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Follow this list of essential lingerie pieces and make your wardrobe carry only the lingerie pieces that are comfortable to your body and are of your exact size.

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