Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

The color of coolness, freshness and the sea breeze, the color of your favorite cocktail, the color of vigor and courage… It’s all about the color of mint. A softer shade of green and turquoise, mint green is a great hit for the up and coming seasons and we can’t get enough of this fresh shade! Minty fashion is everywhere, from clothing to accessories, from makeup to nail polish, and even walls in our homes are painted in this flirty color. Universally flattering for almost all skin tones and so fabulous in combination with white, black, peach, beige, navy and almost all the shades of rainbow… what’s not to love?

Despite being such a chic and pretty color, mint green can look disastrous if not worn in the right way. You should pay attention to your own skin tone, to the colors of the clothes you wear mint green with and even to the shades of mint you pick. If you have got obsessed with this bright and flirty color, make sure to read through our fashion tips on how to wear mint green, before you run out and buy a mint piece for you.

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

How to Choose Mint Green Pieces

The most important thing in looking chic in mint green clothing pieces is to choose the right shade of this invigorating color for you. Be honest to yourself and ask if mint green is the right shade for you and not for your friend or for just a stylish woman you have seen on the street. Actually, not every color in the world is right for everyone. Pay attention to your skin, eye and hair coloring while choosing mint green. For example, if you have dark hair, choose a light hint of mint. Blondes are advised to experiment with darker mint hues. Women with soft coloring are the luckiest ones, as they can look amazing in almost all shades of mint green. Put the color on and look at yourself from various angles and if it doesn’t look good on you, leave it at the store or go for some small portion of this shade and try to wear it as far from your face as possible.

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

How to Wear Mint Green

Now that you have picked the most flattering mint shade for you, let’s put some looks together. Again, it’s really hard to nail down this color without looking like a tube of toothpaste. That is the reason why most people choose to wear mint in small doses, rather than from head to toe. Always keep in mind that a color that is richer should be less in your look to be more flattering.

Some great styling tips for you to consider while wearing mint green:

• Mint green gives tenderness to cotton, coolness to cashmere, blends well with chiffon, silk and lace. Mint green is amazing in itself, or it can be matched with other pastel shades (powdery pink, beige, pale), dark turquoise or white.

• A color that looks amazing with mint and flatters all skin tones is navy. Although with other colors navy can look too nautical, with mint green it creates a nice military sea scavenger look.

• As a summer color, mint is great, but too much of it can be a bit minty fresh in overload. Mint looks fantastic in combination with other eye-popping shades too, like yellow, orange or green. For better results, choose some small accessories in these eye-popping shades and make your mint look more balanced.

• Make mint green friends with delicate pastels. This will create an ultimate sugary look. This fabulous shade of tenderness and femininity is in perfect harmony with powdery, baby pink, lavender, nude and ice-cream shades. Color blocking is a good idea here, so choose one more pastel shade and play with these colors.

• The combination of white and mint leads to the “Mint to be” look. You can never go wrong pairing your mint pants, shorts or skirt with a white blouse. So whenever you have absolutely no idea about what colors go with mint green, simply stick to the purest color duo featuring mint and white. That can be a mint green skirt worn with a white top, white pants with a mint sweater and a white or cream trench or jacket. Options are endless, so trust your inner stylist and mix and match the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

• Double mint and double the pleasure. Mint on mint can look really lovely, so try matching two mint shades with each other.

• Try the all-mint look. If you choose the right clothing pieces, this will certainly look fabulous too.

• Pastel mint colored jeans are very trendy and can look amazing in combination with a neutral solid top or a printed blouse, which is not too matchy-catchy with your mint green. Finish off your look with one mint trendy accessory, like a minty watch, or go for metallic accessories. You can try the same look with mint green shorts or a mint skirt.

• Mint green is an amazing color for creating lovely retro looks, no matter what piece of clothing you pick in this shade. It can be a single element or a head-to-toe mint look and you can be sure to look amazing in both the cases.

• For contrasting and absolutely feminine looks you can pick a sweet pink shade to wear with mint green. While pastel and powdery pinks look delicate and romantic with mint, some juicy pink tones including fuchsia shades create bright and strong combinations with mint green. That can be a mint green dress with pink floral patterns on it, or some combos of mint green and pink pieces. You can also keep your look soft and delicate wearing mint green with white, for instance, and then finishing off the entire look with a pair of fuchsia pumps.

• If you love the mint color, however, it’s too girly for you, you can wear mint green with black to create sharp and contrasting looks. Black will add lots of character to your mint looks, making your outfit memorable and trendy. You can wear head-to-toe mint looks and accessorize your outfits with black shoes and a black bag, for instance, or you can mix and match black and mint pieces the way you like. Like in case of white, when playing in the zone of black and mint making a style blunder is also absolutely impossible. In addition, black becomes an amazing shade to wear with mint in the colder months of fall and winter. While mint green is primarily for the spring and summer seasons, who said that wearing mint green in fall or winter is not possible! You just need to keep mint to a less extent, and find the correct matching hues with it for those months, such as black or gray.

• Last but not least, if you are looking for a cocktail or casual dress in a color other than black, mint green can be the best option to go. Again keep your personal coloring in mind and pick the shade that flatters you the most. Generally, wearing a mint green dress you’ll ensure your uber-romantic and fresh appearance wherever you go. A mint green dress is also a great look for the first date. You can also pick this shade for your bridesmaids, especially if your wedding is going to be in light and romantic themes. To warm up your mint dress, finish off your look with gold metallic accessories.

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Choosing Mint Green Accessories

All those fashionisers, who love this fabulous color, yet lack self-confidence to wear it, can go for mint green accessories. For instance, think mint green ballet flats or platform heels, mint green sunglasses, a mint green watch, a mint hat, a mint green scarf, a belt or jewelry pieces in this fresh color. They are perfect for adding a pop of color to your look. These accessories are especially fantastic when matched with a white dress and a super sexy tan.

Mint nails, mint eye shadow or just mint hair highlights are other “mint accessories” worth trying. Mint beauty is all in trend and definitely looks astonishing. Besides, this is a great trick to nail down the mint green trend and convince others in your fashion awareness.

Accessorizing Mint Green Clothes

What accessories will suit a mint look? The perfect match will be gold or silver. Gold balances the coolness of mint and adds warmth to it, while silver revitalizes its freshness.

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Where to Wear Mint Green

Mint is a great color for almost any occasion. You can wear it for an evening out or for a walk out. Mint is great for special occasions: wearing a mint dress you’ll certainly stand out in the crowd. To work, make sure not to overdo with this color. A mint accessory or a shirt in delicate light mint shade will be perfect.

What Makeup to Wear With Mint Green

While a mint green dress or mint green outfits can already make you look irresistibly stylish and cute, you should definitely pay attention to the makeup colors you wear with mint green for the ultimate harmonious looks. Silver eye makeup is the universal and win-win style you can wear with mint green and if you want to add more depth and expression to your eyes, you can match metallic silver eyeshadows with black eyeliner. Bluish green or turquoise eyeliner can also be an option to wear with a mint green dress, only make sure to keep the rest of your face in neutral tones in order not to look too colorfully bright. When it comes to the right mascara tone, black is the one and only right choice you should make.

Keep your lips neutral and soft when wearing a mint green dress. Although juicy berry shades can look cool on some girls, it’s quite an exception, so you’d better avoid red lipstick tones when wearing mint green. Red lips and winged eyeliner can look really flirting with mint green outfits only if you really know how to nail down the traditional pin-up and retro styles.

If you have a darker skin tone, you can avoid applying a blush, and if slightly pale is your complexion, go for some subtle pink blush tones to add warmth to your overall looks. Also keep in mind that you should do your best to create the ideally smooth complexion, since mint green tops and dresses tend to draw lots of attention to your face and you definitely want it to look flawless.

When it comes to your nails, you are advised to go for white, black or neutral nail lacquers that will ideally complement your minty outfit.

Using mint green in makeup and beauty is also a good idea, only in this case you’re advised to avoid wearing mint green clothing pieces. That can be mint green eyeshadows, mint eyeliner or nail polish shades, which will look marvelous especially with white, black or nude outfits.

Mint is really energizing, fabulous and different from others. As you can see, you can easily pull off nice looks with mint and appear fashion-forward. However, be sure to keep the good in small portions, otherwise you risk turning from a princess into a frog.

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

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Mint Green Trend: How to Wear Mint Green

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  • Tracy

    I am trying to find bridesmaid dresses in a nice mint shade (different shades of mint are okay). Do you have any recommendations?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Tracy,
      Actually, I have no idea where exactly you can find stylish mint bridesmaid dresses. You may like to check out our “Fashion Partners” section, specifically They have some lovely alternatives. Search bridesmaid dresses there! Good luck!

  • Salina

    I am planning on wearing a white dress with lace trim on the cap sleeves. With mint and gold peep toe shoes, mint clutch and a thin mint belt with gold buckle. What would be a good coloured fascinator to wear with these pieces? Wasn’t sure if I should do different to the mint and white and have a dress ring to match, or keep the fascinator white/mint? HELP!

    • Fashioniser

      Hey Salina,
      You have picked an amazing combination of colors. Mint, white and gold go perfectly with each other. Actually, there is no need to go for the fourth color, as always keep in mind that less is good and don’t wear more than three colors at a time. So you can choose a fascinator in either mint green or a combo of white and gold. That will look just perfect!
      Still if you want to go for the fourth color, better stick to beige, pale shades or dark turquoise.
      Good Luck!

  • Keana

    Hello, I have a mint dress, but it is kind of sheer and see through, what do you suggest wearing as an undergarment? Preferably something that won’t show up under a black light either, because I know the mint dress itself will glow.

    Thank you!

  • Fashioniser

    Hello Keana,
    The best undergarments for sheer clothing come in neutral shades or the same shade as your dress is. Keep in mind that you can always wear black undergarments under sheer white dresses, it always looks great, yet you can never do the opposite, wearing white undergarments under a sheer black dress. For your sheer mint dress, you’d better go for a skin-tone undergarment or one in the same mint color as your dress is.

  • Laura

    I bought a mint green long sleeve cocktail dress and it’s a vneck with a slightly cinched in on the sides of the waist. I’m wanting to wear it to a wedding but I’m not sure if that’s an ok color for winter? And what shoes to wear with it??

  • Fashioniser

    Hi Laura,
    Well, although pastel tones are best for spring and summer seasons, you are always welcome to inject some color to your winter styling. You can certainly wear mint green in winter, only you have to winterise your pastel clothes by pairing them with darker shades (such as a mint green skirt with a black top, or a dress with black tights).
    Since you are going to wear your dress to a wedding, it’ll look even more fashionable, as we can always wear something light and summery on special days (surely if the party is organized indoors). Match your mint dress with a pair of round toe pumps in neutral shades (such as cream) or some flat black boots. Again, here you have to consider the type of the party it’s going to be. Heels are certainly more advised for special occasions.

  • Abbey

    Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find that strapless dress with the white flowers that you posted on this page?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Abbey,
      It’s from the summer 2011 Palm Springs collection of the Forever New Australian brand. Hardly can you find it now, but you can check out the brand’s official page here: Maybe you have luck! 🙂

  • kai

    Hi, i was wondering i have a mint jumper would that go with a dark or light denim shorts and tan ugg boots also a tan leather jacket?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Kai,
      That’s a nice combination. Mint goes well with denim and tan UGG boots are neutral and can match almost any color. You can certainly wear that outfit with confidence!

  • kai

    Hi again :), just wanted to add with my outfit as i am going to wear the demin short from advice would that out fit go with patterned black tights because its Winter over in England?..

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Kai,
      Sure you have to some tights now 🙂 Simple black tights would be ideal, but if you want to wear patterned ones, make sure that the patterns aren’t too loud.

  • kai

    Thank’s again:) i mean the tights will be black with small butterflies. If anything if its too loud i will stick to plain black or even natural.

    • Fashioniser

      Yes, Kai, that looks really romantic. You can wear your butterfly tights with your outfit.

  • kai

    Funny how you say it sounds romantic because i’m wearing that outfit on a date soon:).

    • Fashioniser

      Cool! Good luck! 😉

  • Elizabeth

    I will be going to a wedding in Jamaica (March) as a Guest, and I have a tropical maxi Dress that I bought at Macy’s. It’s very colorful and I plan on wearing a gold sandals, but this season’s color are Black and White. I went out a bought a Black Peplum skirt and a Cream and Black chiffon top which is very fashionable. I just wanted to know what color shoe do you think that I should wear with the Black and Cream outfit? I’m indecisive about these two outfit, and will make my decision when I get to Jamaica.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Both black and cream are versatile colors and can look amazing with almost any other hue. You can wear black or cream shoes, for instance. Gold, brown or other earth tones are also a great solution.
      To add a pop of color to your outfit, you can also pick something in a vibrant shade or something printed. For instance, leopard printed shoes or red ones will look very sexy with your outfit.

  • Alex

    I’m a man who purchased a mint green baseball cap. What color combinations could I wear without looking too feminine?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Alex,
      You can wear your cap with a pair of light wash jeans and a simple white tee, for instance. That’s the safest solution. Your mint green cap will also go well with navy blue pants, as navy flatters almost all skin tones and makes a harmonious couple with mint.
      Black is also a safe option, however, in this case your cap will instantly pop.

  • me…

    I have a (light) mint green spaghetti strap peplum top with cream lace overlay. I want to dress it down, so I’m going to wear it with dark wash jeans, and since it’s winter i’m going to wear a black long sleeve sweater. My problem is that I have no idea what shoes to wear, the only black shoes I own are flats that were not made for winter. I have chocolate brown uggs and the same shade leather ankle booties with gold studs around the ankle, do you think these would look okay? I have long dark brown hair and light skin if that helps with the coloring, thanks!

    • Fashioniser

      Your leather ankle boots will be quite ok with your outfit. Brown is quite versatile and it definitely will match your mint green top and dark jeans.

  • Miley Johnson


    I have a nice mint green blouse with a collar, it has a lime green stripe under the buttons, if that makes sense. The blouse is mint green, but if I were to button up the shirt, you wouldn’t see that stripe. Anyways it is a very thin blouse, what should I wear under it, as it is see through?


    • Fashioniser

      Hi Miley,
      You can wear a cream spaghetti strap top underneath your blouse. Keep in mind that this neutral color doesn’t pop much when worn under colorful blouses (excluding black, of course). Other than that, try to find a lighter mint green shade than your blouse and match it with it.

  • Amy Curley

    What do you wear with mint green wedges? I have a pair I want to buy, but want to make sure I have the clothing to wear them. They are so cute.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Amy,
      Actually, it’s quite easy to match mint green accessories, shoes and bags with other clothing pieces. You can wear your mint green wedges with pale pink, white, cream clothes or brighter tones (like navy or green), if you like. Just stick to the rules mentioned above in the article, and you’ll have a super successful look! 🙂

  • Melissa

    I bought a mint green dress with white polka dots and I’m trying to decide what color leggings I should wear (my mom thinks that the dress is too short on me and is requiring me to wear leggings/tights with it).

    This is the dress, but in real life, it is actually mint and white:

    Also, are light (pastel) pink flats appropriate for this color? Thanks in advance!

    • Fashioniser

      Hey Melissa,
      Your mint dress will look amazing with your pale pink flats! Great choice!
      As for the leggings, you may try either cream or champagne pink. White may also look good. You can take your dress and try it on with the three options to see which one best suits you.

  • Lucille

    Hello, I was just wondering if my outfit would be too flashy. I recently bought a pair of mint green skinny jeans (actually they are pants) and I was planning on wearing them with a plain white shirt, a long gold necklace, and black ballet flats. Is this ok or are the four colors too much? Also, if you have any suggestions as far as improvements on this outfit, then that would be great. Thanks!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Lucille,
      You have put together those pieces like a pro! 🙂 Your outfit won’t be flashy at all, as you have matched two neutral colors with two lovely hues. You can also try the same outfit with champagne or neutral ballet flats.

  • Jonathan

    I have a mint green cardigan, but im not sure what color pants would match well with it. I need help!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Jonathan,
      You can wear your mint cardigan with jeans (light-wash better), cream pants or pastel ones (for instance, peach). White can also work!

  • Ileana Rodriguez

    Hi, I am bridesmaid wearing a mint (green) dress and I wonder what type of makeup should I wear?
    I love smokey but it could be too much??

    My sking is light brown, dar brown eyes and planning to wear an updo with my dark brown hair.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Lleana,
      With your mint dress, pastel makeup would be just ideal. You can wear almost any pastel eye-shadow and emphasise your eyes with mascara. For pastel makeup tips, follow this link:
      Champagne and neutral colors will also look amazing with your dress.
      However, if you love smokey eye makeup so much, you may try experimenting with lighter shades (follow the tips here: Brown can also work well. It all depends on what mood you want to create.

      • Ileana Rodriguez

        Thanks! 🙂 Love your site!

  • Victoria james

    Hi i’m soon to be mother of the bride in june. I bought a mint green bandau pencil dress for the occasion but with our unpredictable english weather want to get a jacket what colour and style do you recommend, and should i get shoes and a bag to match jacket
    Thanks in advance

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Victoria,
      You can match your dress with a champagne pink blazer or a cream one. As for the shoes and the bag, you can go for the third color for interest. For instance, if you choose a champagne pink blazer, you can try cream shoes and a bag, or vice versa. Anyways, matching the shoes and the bag with the jacket is also a good idea.

  • Tori

    Hi! I am wearing a mint sequin dress with a high neck line, cap sleeves, and plunging back! I don’t want to have too much going on so any ideas for shoes and accessories?? Thanks so much!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Tori,
      You can wear your dress with nude pumps and a small nude clutch. As for the jewellery pieces, pick some gold or silver necklace, bracelet or rings. Try not to over accessorize your look with too many jewellery pieces, since your dress is already bold enough and it should be the center of attention and not your accessories.

  • Alejandra

    I ordered a long mint prom dress for my prom and I’m planning on wearing red lipstick, neutral eye make-up, and a few silver accessories(plus silver heels). Do you think it would go good together on my dark complexion? I’m hispanic so I’m a medium brown skin tone, dark hair, and dark eyes. Please help! thank you!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Alexandra,
      That sounds quite good and you are sure to look sexy and feminine! There is no need to change anything in your look, so wear your dress with confidence!

  • Nadeen

    Hi, i’m planning the dresses for my bridesmaids for our wedding, they’ll be in mint flowy dresses. Our color motifs are vintage red and mint, so i was thinking of red pumps to go with it. Do you think it will look good? Im trying to achieve a vintage feel, so im also pondering on the length of the dresses. What can you advise? Thank you!!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Nadeen,
      Vintage is really cool! For a vintage feel, you can opt for the tea length, that is longer than the knee-length. And since your color motifs are in red and mint, the red pumps with mint green dresses will look absolutely chic. This will give kind of a dreamy, Tuscany flair to the looks.

  • Magda

    I have this mint green top that I wanna wear with a dark pair of jeans and leopard wedges, you think that’s a good look? Thanks in advance!

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Magda,
      Yes, that’s a good look! Mint green tops go well with dark jeans, and the small portions of leopard prints used in your outfit come to add interest to your look ))

  • gene

    Hi, I’m a guy who recently purchased some mint green chinos for an upcoming trip to Vegas. I’m thinking of wearing a pair of cole haan cooper square wingtip oxfords (color says Woodbury but is like a tan/light cognac color) with matching belt. The shoes have orange laces…what color shirt should I wear? I know white is an option, or navy blue…any other suggestions? Shirt would be a long sleeve button down, also thought of going with the white shirt and a blue blazer.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Gene,
      While white and navy are already stunning options, you can also go for cream, beige, pastel yellow, pastel coral (a very light shade), baby blue, champagne pink or any other pastel hue. Since your shoes have orange laces, you can also go bolder and choose an orange shirt.
      The combo of a white shirt with a blue blazer will be just perfect with your outfit!

  • Sunyoung


    I recently bought a mint green bag (Kate Spade Little Minka in Dusty Mint to be exact), but I’m not quite sure how to style it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Fashioniser

      Your bag is just so sweet! You can carry it with numerous outfits, such as simple black or white clothing, pastel dresses (such as pale pink, lavender, mint, pastel yellow, blue), also printed clothes (like dotted, abstract printed) and brighter ones, such as green. You can keep your shoes neutral (cream, beige, tan, brown) or match them with the color of your bag. It all depends on what clothing pieces you are wearing and what look you want to create. Feel free to mix and match different colors, sticking to the main color-blocking rules!

  • Azalia

    do orange strappy heels go with a mint colored dress?
    I was trying to do something different aside from nude heels.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Azalia,
      Surely they do! Orange will add a touch of warmness to your look, so don’t avoid this color combo!

  • Stephanie

    I bought a short sequin mint dress for prom & some nude pumps. would that look fine? my friends say I should of gone for a white heel or a black heel but I feel nude looks better. a silver shoe I feel would be too much.

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Stephanie,
      Certainly nude pumps will look amazing with your mint dress! You can wear them with confidence 🙂

  • Vicky C

    Hi! Your site is brilliant! 🙂
    I have bough a mint colour long shifon dress to wear at a wadding, what colour shoes, bag and accessories will suit in this case?

    Looking forward to your advise.



    • Fashioniser

      Hi Vicky,
      You can wear shoes and a bag in black, white, cream, beige, camel, pastel colors (peach, light pink, lilac, baby blue) and just any neutral shade. If you want to add brightness and boldness to your look, you can also try cobalt, for instance. As for the jewellery, opt for gold metallic pieces to warm up your look!

  • TIffany


    Can you help please? I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday. they are a pair of beige and mint green sandel wedge with the main strap accross the toes being mint green..what can i wear with it?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Tiffany,
      You can wear your shoes with a myriad of outfits, such as simple short white lace dresses, denim shorts, jeans and a girlish top, pastel colored clothing pieces and neutral ones (including black, beige, cream, etc.). Just determine your look, mix and match boldly and you’ll look fantastic!

  • Debbie

    Ive seen a mint green Adrianna Papell mint green lace dress for my sisters wedding……I love the dress but i’m not sure if id suit it & don’t Know what colour to accessories it with…..I’m a red head….im pale skinned but wear a light false tan…. I love the dress…please help?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Debbie,
      Mint will suit your hair color and skin type. You can match your dress with silver or gold jewelry pieces, as well as neutral (black, white, cream, beige, camel) or pastel shoes and a clutch. If you want to create a retro, dreamy feel, you can pick red pumps to your dress. Cobalt blue also looks chic with mint green.

  • chanel

    I have a mint green and cork like heel and i’m unsure of what to pair with them. I was thinking navy high waist shorts but unsure of what color top. I was also thinking gray skinny’s but again unsure of what color top. Help??

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Chanel,
      You can match your navy shorts and heels with a white, light pastel yellow or pastel coral top, it’ll be amazing. As for the gray pants, pair them with a sweet floral printed blouse, for instance, (in much lighter shades), a light pastel pink top or a white one.

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