Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

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So soft, romantic and ethereal, cupcake inspired pastel colors are the obsession of all girlish girls, who want to spice up their looks with some innocent and romantic vibe, breaking the monotony and diminishing all the blues. Milk caramel, velvety peach, pale pink, powdery mint, banana, guava, lavender and baby blue – all these delicious Easter egg inspired shades instantly cheer up and turn any look on the positive way. However, when it comes to real life, incorporating pastels to our wardrobes may seem a little tricky. There are just a few fashion tips to stick to and you’ll know how to wear pastels and not look like you are going to an Easter parade.

Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

Pastel Impressionism

After so many eye-catching prints and bold colors, these cotton candy shades come to rectify things and please the eye. Many designers give preference to lace pieces, creating a real poetic impressionism: whether it’s a lovely dress, a top or a skit, lace details go well along with pastel shades, making them appear even more delicate and feminine. Even a casual dress for a carefree stroll around the city, coming in delicate pale green, beige and blue colors with a minimum decoration, feature lovely lace, chiffon fabrics, looking so ethereal and trendy.

One of the most alluring ways to nail down the pastel trend is the pastel colorblocking. Thus, you can confidently combine pastel pink with pale lemon, blue with mint, creamy orange with purple, and wear pastels the best way. It’s also fun to wear pastels with brighter shades. In this case too, pay attention to the color wheel.

Another popular style is pastel skinny jeans. Pale lemon, peach, cotton candy mint, and coral jeans look light and feminine and perfectly go with simple tank-tops and pastel shoes. You can wear pastel colored denim pants both in summer and autumn, trying to brighten up the gloomy season. Try to wear your pastel pants with some neutral top or go colorblocking, paying attention to the color wheel and sticking to the main color blocking rules.

Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

Style Tips for Pastel Colors

• The most important rule of pastel shades is not to overdo with their “sweet” manner. Maybe all these head to toe pale lemon and sugary pink dresses with lace details, accessorized with pastel shoes, bags and headbands, look chic on the catwalk, but in real life they can be too much – after all, not all of us are pastry saleswomen. Instead, try to calm things down by accessorizing your pastel clothes with pieces in black, white or other neutral tones.

• Do not be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Beige and coffee shades will help you balance the girly nature of pastels.

• Mix pastel shades on the principle of color-block, using things with clean straight lines. Pastel color-block will not work with clothes featuring too complicated cuts and draperies.

• The pastel rule states that dark skinned girls look great in lighter, more “creamy” tones, while women with lighter skin color should go for coffee tones and richer pastel shades.

• Combine pastel jeans with a white and black top, complementing the look with dark colored platform sandals.

• If you are not sure that you will feel self-confident in pastel clothes, start with small things here and there, mostly using pastel accessories, such as a pastel clutch, jewelry, hats or shoes in candy hues. You can also experiment with pastel makeup (pastel pink or blue nail varnish will look amazing with a black dress or a white suite with pants).

• Accessories in pastel shades can also be used separately with full black attire. For example, a mint clutch or a pastel necklace worn over a black dress will create a magnificent look (Click here to learn How to Wear Mint Green).

Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

Pastel Accessories

The most wining pastel accessory is a spectacular clutch in pale pink, banana, lilac or mint. A small square or rectangular pastel colored clutch will add cheerfulness and a romantic attitude to spring and summer attire options. Choose something with a metal detail, peplum or ruffles to match with your evening outfits.

Pastel shoes look amazing in combination with white pants or a light colored dress. You can also wear pastel colored shoes with shorts and skirts in much softer shades. Don’t forget about pastel sunglasses and pastel jewelry.

Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

Pastel Makeup

Pastel makeup is great both for pastel outfits and neutral ones. Clear lip glosses, pearl eyeshadows, blush in the shades of tea rose are ideal for creating a sophisticated, natural look (Click here to learn How to Wear Pastel Makeup). And, of course, pastel nail polishes look so trendy and delicate. For pastel clothes, choose your nail polish in the main color of your outfit or the opposite shade to colorblock your look. High-gloss mint nail polish goes well with black clothes, pale pink with lemon, while lilac with white and pink.

Pastel colors are great to wear to work, on special occasions and on the daily basis. Just try to keep things modest, when you are going to work, a little more glam-glitzy for special events and simple for casual wear. Whatever you do, try to be creative and self-confident and you’ll look chic and sweet, while sporting a rainbow of taffy-colored hues!

Pastel Colors: How to Wear Pastels

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  • jada

    Can I wear pastel pale pink Jeans with nude/natural pumps and a creamy feminine top?

    • Fashioniser

      Hey Jada,
      You certainly can wear that color combination! A pastel color with two neutrals looks really amazing! :)

  • destiny

    Can I wear smothie orange color pants with black high boots and a black shirt in this time of the year?

    • Fashioniser

      Yes, you can. And who said that pastels are only for summer? You can certainly wear pastels in winter too, only not to as a great extent as in summer. Matching a single pastel color with black or other neutral shades will work great for winter too.

  • Sue

    Hi, can I wear a pale pink jumper over a mint green lace dress? And how should I accessorise it? thanks

  • Fashioniser

    Hi Sue,
    You can match pale pink with a mint green, as they create a lovely sugary combo together. A jumper worn over a delicate lace dress is, of course, a contrasting, yet lovely and interesting style solution. As a final touch, finish your look with some small accessories in silver or gold, such as some bracelets or a small necklace. You can wear high heels with your dress to keep the girlish effect. Otherwise, go for some ankle booties to completely contrast your look.

  • Angela

    I got this great cream/light gold dress for New Years, and I bought a few pastel blue accessories to go with it (Earrings, ring, necklace) They give it a really soft and pretty look. I’m just worried about what shoes to wear with it.. I have great black pumps, and since it’s going to be cold I was going to wear black leggings too. I’m afraid it won’t go together. Will that work, or should I try a cream legging and black shoes?

  • Fashioniser

    Hello Angela,
    You have chosen a really lovely outfit, I guess. You can wear black tights and black pumps with your dress, of course. Keep in mind that black goes with all the colors in the world. Yet, if you want to create a more sophisticated and sugary look, I’d advise you wearing some neutral tights (beige, latte, cream, etc.) with your black pumps.

  • Bek

    Hello there, I am attending a Gala Ball at NYE on the River! I’m wearing a light Pale pink designer dress. A short hugging dress forms underneath and flowing translucent pale pink material on top, and to the floor (my description is doing no justice for the dress!). The flowing material has the potential to touch the ground. Firstly what colour shoes? I was thinking a striking, but light silver pair with a very contoured structured hand back, small diamond earrings and a diamondee clip for my hair?? Or maybe white, I would love some options!

  • Fashioniser

    Hi Bek,
    Your description of the dress is quite great! :) The first option of wearing silver shoes with the accompanying accessories sounds really amazing. Otherwise, you can pick a nude pair of shoes, such as cream, as nude colors look amazing, when combined with pastels. Golden, black or white will also go with your pink dress, but the first two options are the best for a romantic and sophisticated result. Complete your look with a delicate pale pink makeup that will be barely visible and you are done!

  • Amy

    Hi there, I love this article :0) I was just wondering, I have a wedding next weekend. I have bought a pale pink structured, but soft looking, knee length dress. I just received a pair of gorgeous gold high heels (a softer gold color). They are Kurt Geiger shoes i received as a gift from a friend. Do you think the pale pink dress will go with gold shoes for the wedding? Many thanks! :0)

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Amy,
      Yes, you can match your gold high heels with your pale pink dress. Gold gives warmth to soft pink, while silver adds a touch of coldness. Both the colors look great with pink. Have a great party! :)

  • cimaron

    hey there, im going to a really nice club and was wondering if i can wear burnt orange skinny jeans and tall black wedge boots together? i still cant decide on a top but would love some suggestions:) thank you so much

    • Fashioniser

      You can wear those boots with your pants and finish off your look with a cream lace top, for example. That’ll be sweet and sexy at the same time. If you want to look more colorful, go colorblocking, matching your clothes with fuchsia, purple or pink. For the colorblocking rules, you can check out this article:

  • Christina

    Hi I am a bridesmaid for a wedding. Our dresses are a purple pastel color. What color accessories (ie necklace) should we pair it with? Mutli-pastel colors or a specific pastel color?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Christina,
      Pastel purple looks amazing in combination with white, pale pink, pastel yellow, fuchsia and silver. That’s an awesome color and playing with the hues mentioned, you can create an amazing look! Good luck!

      • Christina


  • Becca

    Hi Christina,
    It’s my sisters birthday and were going for a meal, I have a taliored pair of pale dusty pink skinny trousers with a white polo crop top? Darker pale pink heels and I was wondering what colour blazer to match? Mayb pale pastel turquoise? Too many colours? Your opinion would be great :]

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Becca,
      Since your top is white and you have got two shades of the same pink color, it’s ok to use the fourth color, which can be again pastel. Yes, pale pastel turquoise will look ok. Otherwise, you can try pale pastel orange or light lavender/ lilac. Or else, you can pick a neutral tone, such as cream or beige.

  • Anna

    Would lavender nail polish go with a black dress and a lighter lavender purple and gold bracelet, gold earrings, and black leather strappy wedges with a cork “textured” heel? Or is it too much? What other nail colors would be lovely with this outfit?

    • Fashioniser

      Hi dear Anna,
      It’s not much at all! It’s just perfect, you can freely match that nail polish color with your outfit. Other hues that you can try can be pastel pale pink or neutral tones (such as beige).

  • Sally

    I have this pastel lilac skinny’s n I was wondering what color top could go with it??? N what color shoes would look great?? I was going with a black lace top n black vans but I think it’s too dull??? Any suggestions???

    • Fashioniser

      Hi Sally,
      You can match your lilac skinnies with white, cream, pastel coral, pastel yellow, champagne tops. You may try flirty floral printed tops too. As for your shoes, go for anything neutral (beige, cream, black, etc.). Options are endless. Just mix and match and see in what colors you look the best.