Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is perhaps the most beautiful period in the life of every woman, when they feel and look maximum feminine and fragile. Mastering some maternity style tips and knowing what to wear during the period of pregnancy can make moms-to-be even prettier during those nine months. While the first trimester of pregnancy doesn’t require changing your wardrobe at all, starting from the fourth and fifth months you may not feel comfortable in your ordinary clothes and there certainly will occur the need of paying visits to maternity stores more frequently. So here we want to share with you some perfect fall outfit ideas for pregnant women, following any of which will preserve your stylish and statement-making looks throughout the rest of the months to come!

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

Saying maternity clothes, we surely never mean slouchy and unflattering pieces, which hide your figure and make your body get a square shape. Today’s maternity stores offer a wide range of trendy and cool clothing pieces for different tastes and style preferences. Like in any other case, during pregnancy you also need to figure out your own personal style and always go for pieces, which make you feel and look self-confident and comfortable. If you are a pants girl, go on wearing your favorite jeans (when your baby bump gets bigger, you just need to buy maternity jeans with a hidden adjustable panel that provide extra support to your stomach), if you love the classic and elegant style in fashion, experiment with new ladylike dresses. There is absolutely no need to change your entire wardrobe, as using some of your old pieces and mixing them with recently bought items you can style easy and carefree looks, which stay true to your personality and own style. You still can wear tight-fitting clothing items when you are five, six or seven months pregnant, which will accentuate your lovely baby bump and make you look even sexier. Besides, wearing silhouette-embracing clothes will not visually add extra kilograms to your figure.

The bigger the baby bump gets, the more pregnant women desire to look slimmer. Since the cold season is usually about darker color shades, this will give lots of advantage, as dark autumnal colors tend to make you visually slimmer. However, not to look boring and monotonous you may try mixing subdued shades with some bright accents and prints and patterns. Only make sure to keep the top part solid and in gloomy shades, keeping the bottom much brighter. As for the dresses, think shades like black, gray, burgundy, dark green or brown, adding a pop of color through properly chosen accessories. Still, if you feel comfy in your skin, you are always welcome to pick brighter shades of the dresses. Generally, A-line dresses are the best styles to experiment with, which nicely flow away from the belly and don’t make you look bigger.

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

Although it’s always fun mixing styles and layering in fall showing off you creativity, you’d better avoid this during the final trimester of your pregnancy if you don’t want to look bigger. On the contrary, go for right-fitting pieces, dresses, sweaters and coats that will hug your figure and emphasize your cute baby bump. When it comes to the prints and patterns, keep in mind that horizontal stripes and large patterns are absolute don’ts, however, if those are your fave design details then keep them as close to the hemlines of your coats and dresses and as far from your top part as possible.

Discussing the best casual maternity clothes for fall, we first of all should mention combinations made of stylish jeans and simple tops and tees, styled with trendy accessories, bags and comfy flat shoes. An incredible fall maternity outfit is that composed of a pair of simple black leggings and an elongated checkered shirt borrowed from your man. Loose blouses and printed tees, trendy slouchy shirts are just perfect options you can consider. They accentuate the stomach, while providing movement to your body.

If you want to divert attention from the stomach or even hide it in the first months of pregnancy, pick tops and dresses with V-necks, or accessorize your outfits with chunky and conspicuous necklaces that instantly attract attention. Elongated vests and cardigans, ruffled skirts and options with flounces and high waists are also recommended. Generally speaking, skirts for pregnant women should have a high waist, as this not only provides support to your belly, but also protects your baby bump from the fall wind.

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

If the last trimester of your pregnancy coincides with the onset of the cold weather, you surely also need a proper outerwear. The top part of a classic coat should feature a special cut with a yoke under the breast or it should come with a slightly flared bottom or just with a low belt line. Ponchos are also great outerwear options, as those are universal pieces that look good on any figure.

From the sporty and casual looks to classy and elegant options, all the possible fall trends and styles are also for pregnant cuties. So embracing various looks on various occasions, looking creative and fresh every time regardless of the cold months and your changed figure is highly recommended. So just enjoy those nine months in a perfect style that is all about your personality and current happy mood!

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

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