Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

There are certain garments and shades that demand your utmost attention and caution when sporting them. The when-to-sport-them factor is also quite important in this case. One of such garments is the white coat, which despite its biggest advantage being the ethereal nature and never ever fading popularity, is very sensitive towards any changing conditions and garments you match it with. Everyone would agree that maintaining a white coat clean, spotless, and fresh is quite a hard job. Also, you can’t have it during rainy and cloudy days, since apart from getting dirty shortly, it will not offer the best of your looks. Thus, in order to provide you with a general insight into how to wear a white coat, here we have some style tips and tricks for you.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

Holy Chic! Black and White Are Timeless

It’s not once that we’ve stated about the ethereal character of black and white duo. This compatibility concerns all the shapes and garments, including the white coat, too. Opt for a white coat with a black bottom and look stylish as never. Another good idea is to match the black leather pants with a white coat, complementing the look with a black turtleneck and a stripy scarf, not forgetting about the black boots and black sunglasses. Also, you can combine you cashmere white coat with a cute little black dress and non-translucent leggings for absolute chic. Such kinds of combinations are suitable not only for young girls but also for women over 40. Sharon Stone’s looks are the best exemplifications of how black works with white.

It’s White, It’s Red, and It’s Bordeaux

Victoria Beckham’s looks are the best embodiment of combining the white coat with red details including such shades as bordeaux, too. For one of her impressive looks she matched the minimalistically created white coat with the red handbag and thus introduced the way of looking purely chic without any extra details.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

White Coat for Casual Chic

As we know, the symbol of the casual style is jeans. Well, a white coat may become a perfect play pair for that, too. One of the popular celebs most frequently opting for such looks is Jessica Alba. For this pair, you may use a cashmere coat or a trench, an elongated or a short one. Matching your looks with converse for uber sporty looks is another good idea you can try. Matching the white coat with ripped jeans or moccasins in also included in the do list.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

Put It with Catchy Accessories

In case of combining white with other shades, it acts like sort of a background for them, so picking just any bright shade is absolutely left for your preferences. You can opt for the shades you like most, or for the ones that are trendy. Pearl blue and fuchsia are among the most stylish options for now. In addition, the pastel colors like mint, peach, lemon, and purple may work really well with white.

Picking Accessories to A White Coat

If you are a fan of the military style, then matching a white, also woven coat with a descriptive metallic belt and a matching handbag is a definite solution for you. Some bracelets, sunglasses, and a catchy lipstick may also be useful here. Another good idea is matching your white coat with the super popular pearl accessories.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

In Case It’s Leather, It’s Again White and a Coat!

There are no special rules about how to wear a white coat in case it’s leather. You can opt for the same combos you would in case of an ordinary coat. Still, if you want something special, you can match the leather coat with some velvet or silk pieces, or opt for just the opposite, combining a knitted coat with leather pants or a leather skirt.

Thus, here were the main tips you should bear in mind when wearing a white coat. In addition, for stating its popularity once more, we can mention it as a popular fave option of the British Royal Family ladies, too. The looks of Kate Middleton and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall are among the most memorable ones.

Style Inspiration: How to Wear a White Coat

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Wearing a Coat as a Dress

Celeb Style Inspiration: Coolest Ways of Wearing a Coat

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