The Best Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are the type of garments that accentuate your femininity and charm best of all. Still you need to remember about the basic know-hows, style tips and tricks about wearing them in order to be able to have the most effective and great combinations. The choice of the shoes is included in the most important section of those nuances about these pieces and you really need to know what shoes to wear with maxi dresses and skirts. Below we present the best options for the most sizzling combinations ever!

What Shoes to Wear With Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Do No. 1: Flat Sandals

The very first option that you need to consider when wearing maxi skirts or dresses is the flat sandals, of course. Actually, flat sandals are universal pieces as such, being suitable for just any combination and style, and, of course, the maxi skirts and dresses can’t be missed out of the array of the options, either. The design of the sandals will be a crucial factor for picking the overall style of the looks, thus choosing some options with sparkling jewels for glam looks, and gladiator sandals for the causal chic. In addition it would be really great if you managed to match the styles of your maxi and your sandals exactly, for instances picking some pairs of sandals with woven bands and ankle stripes if the maxi you’re picking has prints like big ethnic inspired images or design patterns. Thus making the sandals complete the stylish inclination of the maxi is the best thing you need to remember.

Do No. 2: Wedges

If absolutely glamorous and chic looks are your primary aim, you can confidently match your maxi skirt or dress with wedges. This is the shortest gateway to having personality stating and chic looks. When matched with maxi pieces, wedges generally visually make them even longer. You can, for instance, match an Aztec skirt with white and tan wedges or go for the combination of the pastel maxis with floral wedges. Creating combinations with the blended types of wedges, matching the heels with the sandal forms is also a good way of finding play pairs with maxis.

Do No. 3: Flip Flops

Maxi skirts and dresses look like the symbols of summer and matching them with the other well-known symbol of this hot and enjoyable season is certainly a great idea. Thus, you can definitely go for the combination of the flip-flops with maxi pieces, especially if you manage to pick some stylish and creative forms of flip flops. You can go for options having animal print hints, or just create some combinations with basic colors.

Do No. 4: Heels

Despite the fact that you really need to know the occasion and the style that you are planning your looks for, opting for heels can really be a great solution for special occasions like parties or other fancy events. Still, for casual looks going for heels will not be comfortable and suitable. However, you can compensate this picking some shorter alternatives if you really want to have heels on with your maxi. In addition, the same principal of visually elongating the maxi works in case of heels as well. And the diverse styles and designs like chunky heels, ankle strap alternatives, stilettos, etc. can be considered, taking into account the occasion.

Do No. 5: Espadrilles

The following creative and chic solution for your maxi pieces is picking espadrilles. They can have the most diverse and creative design interpretations but you need to remember that if you want them to look different from slippers, you need to show a bit of leg. For doing this, you can pick espadrilles with heels.

The Best Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Coming to the alternatives that don’t work well with maxi skirts and dresses, we can point out the following options!

Don’t No. 1: Boots

Never ever try matching your maxi skirt or dress with boots. First of all, having that masculine and tough vibe about them they don’t match the feminine and charming philosophy of the maxis at all. Secondly, they are not comfortable for you to wear them on hot summer days. And finally, that just doesn’t look cool!

Don’t No. 2: Sneakers

The following better-don’t option we can note when speaking about the combinations with maxi pieces is sneakers. Being a purely sporty accessory, they really won’t do in case of light and weightless summer combinations. Apart from looking too harsh and bad with maxis, they also change the whole look those charming pieces were supposed to produce. Avoiding pieces like cross-trainers is especially important. The same goes for walking and running shoes. Still, if you want to take the risk, at least you should go for the combinations like canvas sneakers with narrow maxis for that revolting and innovative look.

Don’t No. 3: Loafers

Generally, going for full-coverage shoes is not really a good idea for maxi pieces. Again the factor of them being too masculine has its significant influence here and you’d better avoid considering such options for your maxi.

Don’t No. 4: Low-Heeled Clogs

Finally, you’d better avoid matching your maxi skirts and dresses with low-heeled clogs. Still, you can try out the combinations with high-heeled clogs as here you still have the chances of pulling off the right combinations.

The Best Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Thus, here were the basic nuances and tips that we would like to share with you and what you actually need to do for the most effective looks is following these instructions and remembering the main principles when going for maxi skirts or dresses next time. It will definitely happen soon, since summer is already here and you will surely have the wish to enjoy the comfy and cool effect that this kind of pieces gift to you. So create the chance to enjoy summer to the full, having the correctly created and accentuated combinations! We are always here to come up with the necessary tips and tricks for your best picks!

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