What Colors Flatter Blondes Best of All

For every peculiarity connected with your body, face, complexion, and even hair tone, there is an array of style tips and tricks concerning the choice of garments and colors that flatter this or that type most. Thus, talking about blondes, we can also point out some basic tips and know-hows connected with the pick of the garments to find out what colors flatter blondes best of all. This is what we are going to speak about right now!

What Colors Flatter Blondes Best of All

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes

Sassy Red

Red shades are one of the most suitable options for accentuating the naturally golden and luxurious undertones of blonde hair. The most important thing here is to pick the correct shade of red (Learn: How to Wear Red). Shades like alizarin and cardinal will be some of the most recommended options. The scarlet red and the pomegranate red will refresh the looks and light them up. Generally, the red shade is an ideal solution for dates for blondes, too. Still, you also need to avoid shades like purplish claret and burgundy.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Red

Innocent White

The pure white shade, the ivory tone or the champaign tone will create a beautiful harmony with the light tones of hair and will create an elegant and laconic image. Blondes shouldn’t forget about adding some more colors for contrast here. The pure white shade is ideal for the fair and honey blondes, whereas the beige tones are unfailing for the light blondes.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: White

Dramatic Black

The classic black shade is suitable for everyone, and especially the blondes with platinum hair. The little black dress or a black suit-and-pants pair will make a perfect every day combination (Learn: How to Wear Black).

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Black

Brown and Mustard Tones

The tones of brown, especially the mustard shades are the perfect play pair for honey blonde shades and lighter tones of fair blonde hair (Learn: How to Wear Brown). You may also combine the two together, like wearing a brown outfit and accessorizing the look with mustard pieces, like scarves, a bag, etc. The vice versa color combination proves to be no less effective. These shades will refresh your looks and accentuate the shade of your hair, despite being muted and absolutely not bright.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Brown And Mustard

Blue and Pink Sweetness

If you want to be in the center of attention and are ready for experiments, then picking the combination of pink and blue shades is what you can do for accenting your bright or natural makeup and your blonde hair. You can pick shades like crimson, fuchsia, or soft pink. If you don’t like the blue shade, you can pick the denim alternatives. Thus pairing a pink blouse with jeans or a chambray shirt with a pink skirt will create the cutest look ever!

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Blue And Pink

Gray Romanticism

Finally, coming to the go-with-everything gray, we discover one more ideal shade for blondes, which will accentuate the delicate and sweet looks and gift blondes with a nice girly feel. You can pick shades like pure gray or light gray and add some pale pink details or fuchsia to create a contrast and to complete the look. Light cream garments with floral prints in soft colors will also go well with gray, breaking the monotony and boosting the sugary feeling.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Gray

Pastels in General

Generally, picking pastel shades is something universally recommended for blondes (Learn: How to Wear Pastel Colors). They are gifted with the natural ability to pull off pastels ideally. Think baby blue, pale pink, soft green, and yellow and imagine the picture perfect looks. However, it is important to remember that shades like sage green are not that advised for blondes, unlike bright Kelly green, pear, grassy and mossy greens and even dark olive.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Pastel Colors

The Luxury of Jewel Tones

Who said that jewel tones don’t flatter blondes? Emerald green, turquoise blue, purple and cornflower tones are some of the best clothing colors women with honey blonde hair shade can opt for. These luxury hues are especially ideal for special occasion looks.

Best Clothing Colors for Blondes: Jewel Tones

Makeup Tips for Blondes

Coming to the basic shades that blondes can use for makeup, we can recommend not being afraid of bold solutions like red lipstick, for instance. A true red or orangey tone may look best. Magenta, fuchsia and vampy wine lips also look sizzling. As for the eye makeup looks, blondes can opt for both minimal styles, as well as the classic cat eye and smokey eye makeup looks. It’s important to counterbalance the shades here, thus pairing nude lips with bold eye makeup and vice versa.

Makeup Tips for Blondes

So, here were the basic fashion tips and tricks connected with the colors and their compatibility with blonde hair. If you are a lucky possessor of blonde hair, then these tips might be really helpful for your garment choices!

Photos courtesy of Kayture, Peace Love Shea, The Blonde Salad

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