What to Wear on Halloween

Each of us is probably wondering now what costume to choose for the coming Halloween. We do not want to dress up in the same costumes we already have in our closet, but something extraordinary and interesting is tempting us. In the variety of costumes offered at this time of the season, we get messed up. You just need to pick the most impressive costume and accessorize it right for a smashing appearance. Also pay attention to the stability of your costume. For instance, if you are going to wear wings, make sure they are fixed firmly, so that they do not come off.

What to Wear on Halloween

There are lots of people who aim to look like a celebrity on this day. Lots of shops offer costumes like Michael Jackson costume, Lady gaga costume, Marilyn Monroe Diamond Sexy Costume. Other famous costumes are The black swan, Vampires from the Twilight, Witches, Monsters and so on. Still if you can’t concentrate on what to wear on Halloween, below you can have a look at some creative Halloween costume ideas.

Cowboy Costume

Choose a pair of jeans that are fitting you tightly. The color does not matter; you can take either light or dark ones. Wear a pair of chaps. The chaps can be made of suede or leather. You can create a pair of your own chaps. Get a pair of jeans that are larger than the ones you are wearing.

Cut the seat out of the pants and you will get real and original chaps. Wear a button-down shirt and tuck it into your jeans. Do not forget about the vest, preferably of dark colors. Wear a holster over the jeans. Of course, you may not be carrying a gun with you, but the holster will complement the look of a real cowboy. Take such accessories like a belt and a typical cowboy hat. Wear a cowboy wide brimmed hat and boots. And here you are.

What to Wear on Halloween

Native Indian Costume

This is the easiest character to resemble. For this look you will need brown pants, white shirt, brown vest, moccasins, and a headband. And most importantly take a feather which will symbolize the Indian look. Glue or tape the feather to the headband. An appropriate face paint and plastic tomahawk will be the final touch. Smear on war paint in diagonal lines along cheek bones.

Pirate Costume

Get the following accessories to look like a pirate: red and white horizontal stripe shirt, black jeans, boots, bandana, gold clip-on hoop earring, toy sword, plastic eye patch, face paint for mustache. You can also carry a toy parrot. Put all the things together: get your black jeans fringed by cutting slits at the bottom of pant leg.

Tie bandana around your head letting the knot stick out at side. Wear the earring and the eye patch. Attach parrot to your shoulder with an adhesive stick and wear a brown or black mustache.

What to Wear on Halloween

Clown Costume

You will need a white or tie-dyed sweatshirt, red sweat pants, three pompoms of bright colors, a colorful wig and lots of makeup. With the help of glue, attach pompoms down the front center of the sweatshirt.

Draw stars and other fun shapes on the front and back of the sweatpants. Use lots of light foundation and powder to have a white face. Paint on a red nose or you can use a store painted ready nose. Wear the colorful wig. To end with, put on a pair oversized boots, preferably of red color.

What to Wear on Halloween

Vampire Costume

A traditional vampire woman dress is a long flowing one, either black satin or deep red velvet will be ok. However you can have a trendy modern vampire look by choosing high leather boots, a mini dress and a black leather trench. If your hair is black dye some stripes either grey or white, or go for a wig.

Pay attention to your makeup, since it is going to make you look like a real vampire. Use lots of powder to have a pale look, to differ from real humans. You can go for smoky eyes. Take either purple or red lipstick. With the help of a red lip liner, create the illusion of blood dripping from your mouth. And most importantly wear fangs. Keep on smiling from time to time to scare the passers-by.

What to Wear on Halloween

Michael Jackson Costume

Take a blue lacy T-shirt, skin tight gold shiny pants, a white tie, a dress jacket, and a hat. Do not forget about white gloves. If your hair is long you can style it like Michael Jackson, or go for a wig. Better have a picture of the character at your hand to fully follow each step correctly.

What to Wear on Halloween

Nurse Costume

Take a hospital uniform, white sneakers or special nursing shoes, white socks, that will go with the shoes, a toy doctor kit from a toy store and fake stethoscope. Place your stethoscope around your neck. You can make a false badge and wear it. To look a little scary on Halloween, add fake blood onto your costume.

These are only the most traditional costumes offered on this great day. Whichever costume you choose, make it your own. Add something unique to your overall look and have fun!

What to Wear on Halloween

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