Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends

We just saw the last show of the Paris Couture Fashion Week fall 2015 presented just recently, except this time in Rome. Valentino broke the mold and brought us to the City of Wonder, away from the City of Love. We had fallen in love with so many collections along the way, we have officially lost count. What we did notice, however, was the fact that so many of the collections featured some very common beauty trends, so much so that we had some trouble keeping up. Of course, the couture week is certainly not as long as the ready to wear design weeks, which makes it so much easier to figure out just what we love from the trends presented. Out of all the different hairstyles and makeup looks spotted, below we have rounded up the best fall 2015 couture beauty trends for your inspiration!

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends

Loose Hair Adorned with Gorgeous Headbands

While the dresses and suits, the footwear and handbags were all lovely to behold, there was something else that caught our attention during the Paris Fashion Couture Week. Those lovely headbands appeared all over the place, from the nymphs of Versace to the mermaid styles with the small braids at Valentino. Nothing beats those gorgeous gold pieces seen at Elie Saab though, on angels as ethereal as the clothing they wore for us. After all, each runway show is done with the customer in mind.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Headbands
Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Headbands
Atelier Versace
Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Headbands
Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad

Makeup is the New No Makeup

Remember when it was cool to look like you had no makeup on, even if you used products to achieve that bare face? No more is that the case it seems as Chanel so aptly pointed out with its strangely straight drawn brows, the overdrawn lips and large amount of blush on the cheeks. Versace ensured the eyelids were colored up nicely, from the smoky to the shimmering greenish gold, having the makeup match the colors of the garments the nymphs wore. On the other hand, no makeup look was what reigned at Giambattista Valli with the transparent gloss painted onto the lips and the skin left dewy and natural.

Schiaparelli ensured we know just what makeup means, mixing blues on the eyes with reds on the lips with ruddy cheeks and illuminated skin tones, giving the ladies a very doll-like look. Sea-foam is a pretty awesome makeup color for your eyes as well it seems, while we recommend you stock up on that rouge, though if you want to go more subtle, the Elie Saab metallic lids might be your best look.

Want to go stranger than strange? How about using eyeliner for lip liner and accentuating that Cupid’s bow like it was done for Maison Anoufa? At Jean Paul Gaultier, signature stripes turned into intriguing eyeliner designs.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Makeup
Atelier Versace, Elie Saab, Chanel
Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Makeup
Maison Anoufa, Jean Paul Gaultier, Schiaparelli

Lots and Lots of Blush

If there is one piece of makeup you cannot live without during the fall season, it should be that awesome blush. And use a whole lot of it as well, for what looks better than rosy cheeks all year round? Ulyana Segeenko paired the blush with red lips and thick black liner for the eyes, while Serkan Cura took the application of the stronger hues to a new level and had his models look like they were out of a Renaissance painting. Elie Saab used just the right amount, while Schiaparelli gave the pink a peachy tint.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Blush
Chanel, Ulyana Sergeenko, Schiaparelli

Pink Is In!

A trend that has been rocking the runway throughout all 4 seasons of this year also makes it onto the couture runways shows, showing off pink, and hot pink at that, like none have done before. Armani Prive took the trend to new heights with the matching nails, lips and earrings, the shaggy hairstyles helping turn the look into that from the 1980s with ease. Peachy pink shadows were used at Dior looking awesome with the overall natural look.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Pink Makeup
Dior, Giorgio Armani Prive

Illuminated Skins

While matte was big about 2 years back, the last bit has focused more on the wet, shiny, and highly illuminated skin. Whether we are talking Valentino or Schiaparelli, the models have been adorned like dolls and their healthy pallor truly made to glow under the lights around them. The ladies at Stephane Rolland looked incredibly beautiful with the red lips, basket woven hairstyles and shimmering skin, the contouring looking almost effortlessly nonexistent.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Illuminated skin
Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Stephane Rolland

Straight Eyebrows

There was a time when the brows always looked questioning or surprised, raised at the center and turned into rainbow curves. Now, they are straight and look pretty cranky, turning normally sweet ladies into mean old women. Whether the girls are walking for Chanel or Julien Fournie, the brows are in a line, thickened and with a slightly worried expression. We don’t know if this is a trend to follow, to say the least, considering the negativity it can just end up spreading around. The fuller brows were seen at Giorgio Armani Prive as well, defined with grey and silver shades.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Straight Eyebrows
Julien Fournie, Chanel, Giorgio Armani Prive

Strange Hair Takes Over

Where some of the hairstyles were more free and wilder, most designers opted to play with the hair, giving the girls a rather Victorian feel with the birds nest idea coming to life. Stephane Rolland took basket weaving the tresses, creating an especially beautiful hairdo, while Maison Anoufa made sure the volume at the crown of the head was just right. Serkan Cura created fountains from the hair of his models, while Ulyana Sergeenko loved her coiled bits and pieces that somehow count for an updo. The strangest of the strange looks came from none other than Maison Margiela, with everything appearing over the top and typically couture fashionable. Jean Paul Gaultier was not about to be left behind so it was decided that there would be a tall hat of pretty coiled hair on top of the models’ heads.

Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Strange Hairstyles
Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stephane Rolland
Fall 2015 Couture Beauty Trends: Strange Hairstyles
Maison Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier

Photos courtesy of Style, Fashionising

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