Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends

As we all now, accessories represent one of the best ways to emphasize and accentuate our looks, and to create some stylish extra details for complementing the already created perfections. That’s why it’s necessary to know everything about the recent spring/ summer 2014 accessory trends to be able to create the most eye-catching and stylish combinations ever. We have already introduced the main spring/ summer 2014 shoe trends, the cute spring/ summer 2014 hair accessory styles and the best spring/ summer 2014 handbags, not forgetting about the trendiest eyewear options and the headwear alternatives, either. So now we are going to talk about all that’s left for the stylish summer 2014 accessories, discussing the tiniest yet the most effective details you can use for spicing up your looks.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #1: Classy and Stylish Neckerchiefs

This is the cutest thing that you may add to your summer wardrobe to perfect your looks. The drive for neckerchiefs as a main clue to creating unique and stylish combinations was extremely frequently noticeable during the fashion shows of the popular fashion houses for the coming season. They include all the various styles and design patterns and prints possible depending on the garments and raging from reptile skin to various traditional prints and even some beadwork. For examples you may look through the fashion lines of Tracy Reese, Emporio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rodebjer, Etro, and Giorgio Armani. For some more interesting designs and principles, like it is in case of the manly ties or the identically designed neckerchief and the ties, you may also turn to the shows of Ralph Lauren, Peter Jensen, Agnona, Charlotte Ronson, and Ostwald Helgason. Chanel, Karen Walker, Lanvin, and Nina Ricci also come up with ultra-feminine and chic suggestions.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Neckerchiefs

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Neckerchiefs

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #2: Gloves and Mitts

This is the next spectacular and eye-catching trend we are going to present. Though gloves and mitts carry the typical forms of the cold season, being made of some leather, or other warm materials, their practical use and function have been combined with the aesthetic purposes, and for that the designers used a great deal of details and decorations, be that with glittery elements, text prints or textures. Some good examples of this trend may be found with the shows of Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Undercover, and Chanel.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Gloves and Mitts

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #3: Socks and Stockings Are the Next Clue

This is, indeed, a very useful and creative solution for making your garment combinations with cute skirts and shoes look especially catchy and nice. Socks and stockings are exactly what many fashion houses opted for, presenting an interesting diversity of options, in case of which the shades of the stockings merged with those of the shoes and created an effect of being united into boots. For examples you may look through the collections of Chanel, Phillip Plein, and Prada.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Socks and Stockings

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #4: Yes, That’s an Umbrella!

The use of umbrellas is one of the most incredible and unexpected design solutions that we saw for the coming season. Using umbrellas for complementing the stylish and cute apparel combinations is certainly very resourceful, since umbrellas are able to bring in some energy and joy even on rainy days! For the best exemplars just look through the options of Chalayan and L’Wren Scott.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Umbrellas

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #5: Necklaces

Talking about the main spring/ summer 2014 accessories used for the looks, we can’t leave out the jewelry and the variety of bijou that the designers used for each combination. That’s why here we have the following important fashion trend presenting the major types of necklaces we saw with the pieces. One of them shows those reverse types of necklaces, especially well demonstrated with the options of Chanel and Altuzarra. The pendants having the forms of the signs of horoscope by Valentino, and the super curious shapes of those by Prada are really worth mentioning. The forms of the pendants were also spectacular with the options of Dolce & Gabbana, Rodarte, Roberto Cavalli, and Lanvin. The options featuring some jewels and luxurious beads are no less popular than the pendants, presented as a key detail by Giorgio Armani and Rochas. The plaited variant by Balmain, and the star theme of Dries Van Noten are also in the line of top successful options.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Necklaces

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Necklaces

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Necklaces

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #6: Thick and Big Bracelets

The following fresh say in the spring/ summer 2014 jewelry trends is the use of the big and heavy bracelets accentuating your looks and making them especially catchy and energizing. The best choice you can opt for is wearing three medium options or a very thick one for looking stylish and trendy. Have them with maximum balanced yet attractive colors to complement the garments. This is the suggestion of Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Derek Lam, Giorgio Armani, Nina Ricci, and Ralph Lauren.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Bracelets

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Bracelets

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #7: Rounded Forms for Earrings

The advice of the fashion designers for earrings this time is that if they are called earring, then they should look like one. That’s why the overwhelming looks we see these accessories with are the ovals, circles and other shapes of this kind. The nice forms suggested by Giorgio Armani are ready to accentuate your face and to visually conceal the imperfections, the rings by Dolce & Gabbana will make you look more romantic, whereas the options of Ralph Lauren are irreplaceable for business looks.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Rounded Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trend #8: Belts, Belts, Belts!

Like the bracelets, the belts seem to be created according to the principle of being thick and big, too. Unlike the previous season, when the obvious dominance was around the thin and hardly noticeable variants, this time belts play a great role in emphasizing the figure and complementing the image. Some great examples are the options of Dolce & Gabbana, the eagle-like variants of Emilio Pucci, the heart-shaped alternatives of Lanvin, and the classy versions of Donna Karan, Jil Sander, and Ralph Lauren.

So here were the main spring/ summer 2014 accessory trends we would like to introduce to your attention. Indeed, they are an important part of your looks, especially for this season, since this time they are given a major importance for complementing your looks, and matching the unique garment combos you would lie to opt for!

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Wide Belts

Spring/ Summer 2014 Accessory Trends: Wide Belts

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