Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends

Saying summer, of course, one of the first things we imagine is the beach and the sun. And the thought that crosses our minds right after is the swimwear we just need to choose with maximum attention and consideration for the best and the trendiest looks possible. For doing that one great idea is following the spring/ summer 2014 swimwear trends that the amazing world of fashion has prepared this time. After looking through the best and the most creative suggestions by the fashion giants, we can make sure about our choices and looks, taking into account the basic fashion tips for choosing the right swimwear to flatter your body.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #1: Mono Suits

This is the first and one of the most impressive variants we saw during the swimwear shows. The huge variety of the looks presented as mono suits ranged from halters and bandeaus to plunge and high-neck variants. The collection of Adriana Degreas brings one of the most effective and memorable arrays of looks introducing these options. Salinas also comes up with some nice high-neck looks, which are rather comfy for some sports and physical exercises than walks to the beach. However, this is and will be the fave options of many girls. The mono style swimsuits are a universal suggestion for any body type and preference offering their stylish and functional benefits to everyone.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Mono Suits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #2: Bandeaus

This is the following very frequent and cool trend for the coming season, offering its creative and eye-catching strapless design for the various creative interpretations of the brands. Bandeau is one of the everlasting and never-fading options, being in the top list for every season. Its design accentuates the fragile and sweet image of a girl even more, creating a very romantic and charming impression. Caffe, Salinas, Maaji, L.Space, Blue Man and many other brands have pretty stunning options of bandeaus for this summer.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Bandeau Bikinis

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Bandeau Bikinis

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Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #3: Long-Sleeved Pieces

Another creative and quite unexpected innovation for the season is the long-sleeved swimsuits. These options remind us of the suits that the sportsmen and the athletes usually wear for their exercises. However, the designers suggest this as a new and fresh option for summer, and we just have to wait and see whether long-sleeved swimsuits will gain popularity and be put into practice or not. Such unique options can be found at Mara Hoffman, Minimale and Triya.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeved Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #4: Tankinis and Trikinis for Absolute Comfort and Chic

Going on with the top spring/ summer 2014 swimwear trends, we can’t but also note some details about the cool and all-time fabulous tankinis and trikinis, each presenting a unique principle of design and functionality. In case of the tankinis, for instance, you can transform them into a bikini any time you want, and thus combine the benefits of the two, whereas the trikinis are a bit trickier especially in terms of figure, since you really need to have it flawless to be able to wear them without fear. Still they are included in the list of top popular and stylish trends of the season and will surely find their owners. Cute trinkinis can be found at Aquarella and Blue Man, while AguaClara, BCBGgeneration and Suboo present tankini options.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Trinkinis

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Tankinis

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #5: Monokinis

Monokinis represent the next great way of accentuating your slim figure and combining the stylish with the good looks. Still, here as well, there is the risk of looking not that impressive and effective in case you have some imperfections with your hips and waist. In such cases, you’d better conceal them effectively rather than demonstrate the imperfections just for wearing a monokini. Indah, Luli Fama and Caffe are some of the designer brand representing this style of beachwear.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Monokinis

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #6: Skirts and Fluttery Elements for the Bottom

The next interesting trend we would like to introduce is the skirt-bottom or the fluttery details used for complementing the bottom. If you think this is no longer stylish and modern, this season comes to prove just the opposite. In fact, this is a very suitable swimsuit style not only for having stylish looks, but for hiding the imperfections of hips and skin, too. So have your skirt bottom for the best looks, too. For inspiration, look to Luli Fama, Chloe and Triya.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Skirt Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #7: Some Retro Inspiration

The following trend we would like to present is the one of the retro-inspired high waist swimwear. This is quite a versatile and great option for combining the high waist bottom with the variety of the tops including triangle, bandeau, and even experimental one-shoulder variants. This type of bottom will delicately shape your waist and hips, hiding the imperfections and gifting you with a sassy look. Still wearing retro swimsuits is not that good idea for those being not that tall, because such bottoms will make them look even shorter. Amazing retro style swimsuits can be found in the new collections of Maaji, Salinas and Triya.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Retro Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #8: The Crisscross Designs

For maximum innovative and creative options you can turn to crisscross swimwear designs, which were seen in a really big diversity of options and combinations during the swim fashion week. They include pairs with headwear designs, as well as spectacular and cute combinations with high-waist bottoms for the best effect. Sauvage and Triya have some cool crisscross swimsuit styles.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Crisscross Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #9: The Geometric Shapes

This is another great trend becoming more and more popular recently, and being a very suitable way of expressing one’s creativity and imaginative thinking. Introduced with an appealing variety of colors and cutouts, the geometric shapes do have their deserved place in the trendiest list of swimsuits. Geometric inspired designs were spotted at Suboo and Aqua di Lara.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Geometric Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trend #10: Spectacular and Catchy Prints

Finally we would like to talk about the prints and the design patterns the designers opted for this time. Generally, the swimwear options we saw were made of all the energizing and sunny colors possible, absolutely fitting in the summer beachy mood. Still the timeless black and white are also in with the nice accents of white and the body-flattering effect of black. For these shades the polka dots and the stripes remain as the primary design patterns. The most sizzling prints can be found at Mara Hoffman, Maaji, Luli Fama, Blue Man, etc.

Thus here we are done with introducing the spring/ summer 2014 swimwear trends, too. We do hope this list will help you make up your mind about the best wanna-have pieces of yours, and will help you find some good and useful additions to your summer wardrobe.

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Printed Swimsuits

Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends: Printed Swimsuits

Photos courtesy of Fashionising

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